Introducing myself!

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  1. Hey, y'all!

    I was browsing through the forums today and realized that I never actually posted a thread here, even though I've been playing on EMC for a month or two. :)

    So, anyway, yeah, my name's Mobioid. I like playing Minecraft(obviously), watching Doctor Who, and making Electronic Music. I love a good book, mostly sci-fi and fantasy fiction books, and I enjoy just sitting around derping on EMC whenever I have the time. I am also a member of the Civil Air Patrol, a youth auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force. I am also a Christian, and so when I am not working on schoolwork or at an activity, I'm usually working at the church or at CAP, so evenings are very busy for me. :p

    Anyway, I don't really know what else to say without getting into really boring personal details, so...yeah, if you want to ask me about myself I'll probably answer you. Otherwise, it's cool to be a part of this awesome community!

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  2. Welcome to the Forums!
  3. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! :D
  4. Welcome to the Empire Mobioid. enjoy your stay. :)
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  5. Welcome to emc! I love sci-fi books too! Also, thanks for protecting our country in the skies. :)
  6. Welcome to EMC and the forums, I have not done much reading for some time but I found this particular website great for Fantasy Fiction in the past
  7. Welcome!

    I just realized that I've never introduced myself on the forums... ._.
  8. Hi Mobi,

    Well, it's a good thing that you found your way to these forums because they are a big part of the "EMC experience" (as I like to call it). Take for example the community auctions, those allow you to auction off your items (warning: carefully read the rules before participating) and that can make you quite a bit of money.

    And of course there's plenty more to discover here ;) From Skyrim to tattoo's and Anime :)

    And now I'm curious: electronic music, are there any specific environments you use for that? Or put differently: are you more of a hardware or software guy? I assume you are referring to synthesizers here because those would be the most common approach for electronic music :)

    As said, just curious because (soft) synths are quite a passion of me ;)

    Doctor Who, eh? You should check out the area around the server spawn on SMP2 :) Don't let the friendly Dalek scare you off though, it only tries to exterminate new players :D (or so I hope! :eek:)

    SO yah, a belated welcome to the Empire, I'm glad you're having a good time so far.
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  9. Welcome to the forums! Glad you like it here. :)
  10. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  11. Welcome to EMC! Krysyy will be happy to add another Whovian to her flock.
  12. Thanks for all the welcomes, everyone! :D

    I'm more of a software guy, mostly because there's so many good synths out there that are free. I'm a cheapskate, so I never spend money if I can get something just as good(or close enough) for free. :)

    I'm rather new to synths, but I like to mess around with them on weekends when I have the time.
  13. Welcome!
    Feel free to spam my profile with book suggestions please. I am a scifi/fantasy reader too :D Gaiman, Rothfuss, Sagara-West, Weeks, Salvatore, LKH, May, Sanderson, etc etc etc etc. I love to read <3 Thanks and cheers!