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  1. Hey Empire Comunity :D,

    Im new to this server, I joined on the 8th or December 2014 at 4:48pm AEST.. I just wanted to say have a Marry Christmas to thse who celebrate and a Safe Holidays for those who don't. :)

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  2. But let me guess; you're batman? ;)

    No, sorry, I am jesting here. Can't help myself 8)
    Welcome to EMC! I am just the newbie you are and well; let me say that if you give this server a fair chance you'll probably love it.

    At the time of writing a dear friend to me (and me of course) managed to undo our initial plot (unclaim?), find empty ones close to one another (not in that same order) and well; have an awesome fun time!

    As someone who has absolutely no right to speak (IMO) I still welcome you to EMC. A server which I just made my own (as in: I am not going back full time to my old server).

    You'll love it here! IF you give it a chance ;)
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  3. ShelLuser, you have every right to speak!

    Also, welcome to the community! If you need any help, just shout.
  4. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  5. Welcome to the Empire Diamond, a fun server and I'm sure you will like it here.:)
  6. Welcome to EMC Diamond_BaccaWG.
    I hope you enjoy your stay.
  7. :cool:
    Welcome to EMC!
  8. Welcome! :)
  9. Is as if you don't wish the people who celebrate christmas safe holidays :rolleyes:
    Welcome! :)
  10. Welcome to EMC, aka Empire Minecraft, aka 1 of the best servers you found, aka the place you will stay for a longtime.
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  11. Welcome to the Empire :)
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