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  1. http://nianticproject.com

    Calling other players!

    Are you a Smurf or a Frog?

    Maxarias and I are Enlightened! She doesn't really care for it anymore.... but I'm picking it up more now!

    For those who do not know what this is, Google has created a Alternate Reality Game on a massive level...

    With an android phone, you can explore real life and find portals at special locations. There is a constant (sadly, uneven) battle between The Enlightened and The Resistance to take over these portals, and capture cities into Control Fields to influence their mind.

    Essentially, the population in RL of the people inside your control field is added to your teams score....

    To play this game, you literally have to get out of the house, drive around, visit parks, monuments etc, to find, attack, claim, and defend portals, and then link them up to other portals you maintain.

    Playing the game levels you up to build even stronger portals and link portals farther away.

    It's really interesting and gives incentive to get out and see more of your city!

    If you have an android phone, request an invite on the sites above..

    Then, install Ingress from Google Play and open it daily! I believe opening it daily will help get an invite faster as Google can see you are interested...

    I conveniently got my invite mere hours after opening it randomly...

    New players, please join Enlightened to help offset the unfair balance to Resistance.... :)
  2. Sounds like fun. You write it so well I am motivated to finally get a mobile phone.
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  3. Ha this sounds like fun :D
  4. *Snip*

    You'll need to now I've severed your yoghurt pot communications network.
  5. Skype is down?
  6. CURSE YOU iOS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Like I needed another reason to hate it...
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  7. If there is ever a reason to switch off of apple products, this is it.
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  8. FYI our friends across the pond can play too! The game is world wide

    I've seen them all over UK/Ireland/Germany/ Switz/France/Denmark/Australia/China/Middle East/Phillipines...

    Players can submit new portals. But other non american areas might have issues in rural areas, youll prolly not have any portals until you submit them.
  9. Downloaded and waiting. Sounds good as long as it's not a ploy for location bbased advertising.
  10. Haha, I got 2 invites a long time ago. You suddenly brought this to my attention again, just started, not sure whether I have been enlightened, or if I am a part of the resistance.
  11. I didn't realise you were on the Skype thing old chap. We should 'add' each other what? We can use the 'computer' and 'chat', I believe the kids call it these days.
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  12. Well, yesz. Of course I use my real name so don't give out to any Tom, Dick or Harry but Kilmannan will be fine old chap. I won't be able to add you till I get back home in about 6 hours. Cheerio.
  13. Maybe I need an android phone...
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  14. Spiffy. I'll pm you my name, all hush hush. There are some Russian ne'er do wells who I rattled a treat in a card game behind the old music hall that are looking for me. Mum's the word.

    fallenlondon.storynexus.com <---- Has this affect on me.
  15. Unfortunately, my droid is ancient.. (140 MB integrated).. And even after jail-breaking the phone, months ago, and dropping much of the bloatware, it still says that I don't have enough space to install..
  16. Indeed, mum is the word.

    Um, did we just carjack this thread?
  17. I finally get some free time to actually work on my political manifesto and you go show me this. Damnit, Aikar...
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  18. Started a new thread on the subejct, but yes, we just dragged Aikar out his VW Beetle and beat him over the head with the furry dice hanging from the rearview mirror.
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  19. Sorry, mazda guy here :)

    wish I had invites to give out for ingress :(
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  20. Impressive car.
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