Inbox Or Alerts?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by RainbowChin, Apr 7, 2014.


What Order?

Inbox First 23 vote(s) 48.9%
Alerts First 23 vote(s) 48.9%
Either/No Preference 1 vote(s) 2.1%
  1. When you log into the site for the first time in the day, do you check Inbox first, or Alerts?
    (Yes, I'm genuinely intrigued lol, it's 12:30am and this is what my tired mind comes up with :p)
  2. I save what's probably more interesting for last, so I check my alerts before my inbox. :p
  3. I go for alerts, you gotta be alert you know what I'm sayin'
  4. I always think the inbox messages are more exciting, so I check the alerts first :p
  5. I check inbox first. I don't usually get inbox notifications, so I can assume it's something important.

    Or it's ponies.
  6. Alerts because I rarely have PMs </3
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  7. i dont login i just click refresh page, EMC is always open on my browser.
    I check alerts first after the page refresh
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  8. So much this lol.
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  9. Inbox first.
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  10. Inbox. You never know when you are accepted as a contributor/mod.
  11. Alerts, I never get PMs lol
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  12. inbox : 0,
    alerts : 239182378371238788687628763816236817236872468764876187263872633, all from Equinox_Bosses likes.
  13. You know it ;)
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  14. I check alerts, I like to build up suspense to see why my private messages are about :p
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  15. Alerts first.
    It's not that many o3o
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  16. Alerts and then Inbox. All because I rarely get anything in my inbox.

    I sometimes log in and go "how the heck did I get *huge number of alerts*?" so I click it and it's more or less "THESE 40+ PEOPLE LIKED YOUR POST IN THESE OLD THREADS THAT YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN ABOUT"
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  17. Always alerts first.
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  18. Alerts, because I always am excited that their is a teeny-tiny possibility that somewhere out there someone somewhere actually wants to send me a private message and hold a conversation with just me or include me in some group thingy.

    EDIT: Boy, does that sound bitter when I read that out loud. :p *changes to inbox builds suspense*
  19. Fine.. :( don't include his minion :p
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