In Loving Memory of Napoleon

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  1. Today I lost my furbaby Napoleon (aka Leo). It was one of the hardest days I've ever gone through and I wanted to put a little love out to the world in his memory.

    I got Napoleon when he was just 10 weeks old, and have had him for half of my life. In July, he was diagnosed with cancer, and given 6-12 weeks to live. He was stubborn like his mamma though, and with the care of the amazing veterinarians I work with he held on for another 7 months. Today, just 18 days shy of his 16th birthday, I said goodbye for the last time.

    In honor of his life, I have renamed some bones to commemorate him. If you would like, please come to the Zoo entrance at /v +zoo on SMP4 and take a bone to place on your residence, outpost, or wherever you would like.

  2. Awww sweet little thing. So so sorry for your loss :(
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  3. He's adorable. I'm so so so sorry for your loss. :( Stay strong <3
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  4. Im sorry for your loss,I know your pain, I lost my dog last year around may. He was 9 and had heart problems but was a sweetie, this is what he looked like.
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  5. :c sorry for your loss. It is very hard to lose a fur baby
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  6. I feel for things like this, The feels are so bad. I hope your ok my dude.
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  7. aww he's so cute ;w; so sorry for your loss
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  8. :-(

    im really sorry 2 read this, feel 4 u... imma heading over right now
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  9. This pup's older than me by a few months =P

    Very sorry to hear about napoleon ;_;
    Losing dogs is tough, I feel ya.
  10. He's a cutie im sorry for your loss :(
  11. He was older than me by about a month and a half. That's weird to think about.

    I'm extremely sorry for your loss, if that means anything coming from me. I have a dog who I've spent the majority of my life with (nearly 9 years now, I was 7 when I got her) and I can't imagine losing her :/
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  12. So sorry to hear that. He seems like a very sweet dog. I've lost many pets and it is never easy. :(
  13. I'm sorry about your dog. :( I cant imagine life without my dog. :(
  14. Sorry Kalia, your friends on 4 will be thinking about you <3
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  15. Good dogs are hard to find and can never be replaced. They always have that spot in our heart as we "remember when".
    But... getting that new dog starts a new chapter with a new friend, building new memories. The new friend does not replace anything, he just wiggles up in there and joins the party. So don't let the party stop, remember, there is a friend out there waiting for you to find them. To share the joy and love and warmth of your companionship. Always remember, your new friend is not a replacement, he is a new friend and ready for new adventures.
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  16. I'm very sorry for u:( hope u get a another great friend soon
  17. I'm really sorry to hear that Kalia.:( At least he lived a full life and had a wonderful owner. He was a very lucky dog.:)
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  18. I'm very sorry for your loss. :(
  19. Such a cute thing :( Sorry for your loss
  20. I am really sorry for your loss :( I can't imagine what I'd feel like without my dog.