In honor of smp8's newest couple...

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  1. Dufne and Hashhog are now boy and girlfriend, respectively. May they live a sanity-free life together.

    I present to you... Dufnog.
  2. Ummm that drink tho
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  3. This is the dog they are thinking of buying together.
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  4. Well then. Welcome to the EMC couple list, Dufnog :p
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  5. I'm not sure you should go with this dog. It seems to be a little unhappy.
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  6. I love the Next Generation. So, you're like Capt. Picard and Hashhog is Beverly Crusher?
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  7. Homogenised?

    I guess you could say they're pretty homo.
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  8. This name was forced upon me. I do not approve -_-
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  9. Oh shush, of course you do <3
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  10. lmao
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  11. This is my new favorite thread.
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  12. Same
  13. I don't know What to say:rolleyes:
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  15. OMG yes
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  16. OMG no
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