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  1. Hey guys! I'm jossytheninja I'm new to this. I'm on smp7 address: /v 14041 ..theres nothing cool on my residence. i like playing survival and rather mine than build fancy stuff :p If anyone ever needs help with collecting resources or fixing things that were either destroyed by other players or creepers :p let me know and i'll help out :D
  2. yo.
    fancy having another player on EMC =P
  3. Hi new! *shakes hand* I'm pony! :) Welcome to the empire! o/ lol jk, welcome to the empire jossytheninja, You will enjoy this server very much, once you get to know the community.. ;D
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  4. Heya, Welcome to the Empire!
  5. Welcome to the Empire! :) We totally won't try to steal promos off you for a very cheap price... Heh...
    Or at least most of us. ;) Anyhow, welcome to the Empire! :)
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  6. Mayhap you ought to give him the gift of knowledge of how to obtain these promos, first. And then give descriptions as to what they do (not) do, in order to make him abide to what might seem like friendship for about 10 seconds.
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  7. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! :)
  8. That was beautifully correct.
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  9. Welcome to the Empire!
  10. Welcome to the land of alts. Here you will find alts, alts and more alts. Enjoy!:rolleyes:
  11. Hello and welcome to EMC!
    If you love to mine and collect, but hard to build, be sure to make a nice storage area!
    I often wished i planned mine out a bit better, but its OK, some day I shall organize all my stuff! (one day)

    See you around! If you wish to collect things, I might suggest things like quartz, as it tends to be a hot commodity!
    good luck!
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  12. Nice to meet you. I live on your server! :D Anyway, you might want to try the frontier. There's a lot of survival there.
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  13. Thanks everyone!
  14. Welcome,
    I'm chespinlover77 but chespin or chespin for short
    If ya need anything jus ask I will try to help :)
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  15. PS
    Your res looks good
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  16. Welcome to the Empire Jossy. Enjoy your stay. :)
  17. Welcome to EMC!
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  18. haha thanks but I cannot take credit for it another player helped out and built what is currently on my res....i'll be adding stuff later today though :)
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  19. Welcome to the Empire jossy! Hope u enjoy your stay & maybe see u around. :)
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