I'm Back :)

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  1. Hey EMC Goers! It's Kells18 here with a new name and everything :) Oh how i have missed everyone of you <3 I see a lot of my old friends are still kicking around! Love you guy's. Took a break for a little while but now i am back. Ill be hanging out on SMP1 about to build my next big mall :) Come stop by Res #185 and say Hi :) XoXo. Byes!
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  2. We knew this day would come! Welcome back!
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  3. Should of bet on it :p
  4. Welcome back!
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  5. Thanks Faith :)
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  7. Whats uuuuup? :p
  8. Welcome back.
  9. Welcome back :) I think I remember your name... or mall... or something... I don't know.... I do only know you're back :)
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  10. Welcome back. I don't recall your name, but I'm sure you'll have many more memories to make! :)
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  11. Welcome back young cookie.
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  13. Kellsssss. :eek: Welcome back. ;) You still in the big city? :)
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  14. Welcome back! I didn't know you before, but I look forward to getting to know you now :)
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  15. OMG Haro :D So good to see you :)
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  16. Hey :D And no not anymore :p Good to see you :)
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  17. I see you on SMP1 Lots :) Can't wait to get to know you man !
  18. Welcome back Kells :), it is nice to see old members returning! I still miss alot of them but now that you're back it's one less.
  19. Welcome back to the Empire!

    You don't know me, I don't know you but oh well, nobody's perfect :) You'll notice that a lot of things have changed but other stuff has mostly remained the same. But EMC has gotten a lot of new features and new things to do, I'd definitely suggest not to try and to take it all in at once ;) Aikar has been busy :)

    Anyway, hope you'll be able to pick up the pase again and that you'll once again have a good time on the Empire. Oh, and if you want to know more about new or changed stuff then be sure to check the wiki! Sorry if I'm now stating obvious things (I honestly don't know how far back that goes) but it's a very good source of info on the Empire IMO :)
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  20. ugh
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