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  1. Hello my dear Empire Minecraftians! I, Yukon1200, am back from a long period of not playing Minecraft (I know, it's a horrible thing right?). I really wonder how many people here even remember me really. But that is aside the point. I am in need of a build idea.

    I built Mordor on SMP 3 (Res 6386) a long time ago. Now I am looking to use the Utopia plot I still have for a massive Lord of the Rings build to get me back into the Minecraft swing. I want to know what people would like to see. Should I remake Mordor bigger and better? Shall I construct the dwarven halls of Dwarowdelf and Kazad-dum or the mountain city of Erebor? Or shall I build Rivendell in all of its beauty? There is so much I could do with the Lord of the Rings, that I just simply don't know where to begin.

    Any suggestions on what people would like me to build?
  2. Welcome back Yokon1200

    Hmmm a Dwarven Halls of Kazd-dum would be awesome so would Rivendell.
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  3. I know you! Somehow, somewhere,
    The dwarven halls of Kazad-dum would be pretty sweet. :D
    Or Helm's Deep!
  4. Anything from the new Hobbit movie plz :D I'm thinking something Dwarven
  5. Welcome back does this mean more Empire Minecast?
  6. There should be more Minecast coming in a bit yes, we have some videos we are going to edit soon :)

    I was thinking maybe Erebor? And add a Smaug later as a final touch? And maybe put Dwarowdelf/Kazad-dum under it? Or I could build all of Moria. That would be sick.
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  7. <3 I missed you!
    You remember me?
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  8. Vaguely... I think. Sorry, it really has been a long time!

    So I think I like the Erebor thing better than Kazad-dum, simply because Moria really is nothing but rock, bone, and darkness and fire, while Erebor leaves a bit more to the imagination, and it has a treasure room with a dragon in it!
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  9. The Gate of Erebor would be nice then inside it would have a hall and end of it have a Throne and top of it the Arkenstone "nether Star" in the frame and behind it the Treasure room.
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  10. Yes, However, I would build the entire mountain, and the treasure room would end up closer to the top. I plan on researching the lay out of the city a bit before I build the rooms themselves though. I am a sucker for accuracy wherever possible. XD
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  11. lol yea was thinking the same thing when typing it. So much would be going on >.< lol I would say do it in layers but prolly will not look as good.
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  12. Rivendell FTW
  13. Honestly, I have found that how good a mountain-ish thing in Minecraft looks is directly proportional to how much you just completely wing it XD
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  14. Woot! Do you have more crazy hats to model for us in Show Yourself?
  15. No, unfortunately. However, I do have a lovely picture of me pretending to be a walrus with chopsticks in my mouth.
  16. That'll do :D Haha.
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  17. Welcome back Yukon :)
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  18. You sir, are one amazing walrus.