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  1. Before I start, I knoe this is going to get hammered by everyone but oh well.

    I think you should be able to /Ignore members of staff ok. I don't want to see what some of them have to say so I really don't see why I shouldn't be able to ignore them. If they need to contact me about something they should be able to override the /Ignore through PM but other than that I don't really wabt to see it. When you ignore someone they can still see what you say sven though you have them ignored so it's not like you can hide anything.

    Also a qucik note, don't reply if you're just going to shout at me.
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  2. To be fair, you can do /dnd and you will still not be able to see staff's chat messages, so I see no problem with adding this feature as long as staff can still message you.
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  3. +1

    They really don't. If it's just you, they can PM you.
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  4. +1

    If they absolutely need to reach you, they still can. But some messages just get annoying sometimes, just saying.
  5. Yeah, If the members of staff are able to override all /ignores and PM you then theres no problem? They can contact you and see what you say and you can't see what they say so in this case everyones happy
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  6. You should never want to ignore a staff member. If there is a legit cause for it and the staff is acting up, resulting in your reason for wanting to ignore them in the first place, then PLEASE message me and let me know.

    However, Staff are often giving warnings and talking in local/res chat to players for cases, so this would be a no.
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  7. Dang. Removed my post a second too soon. Whatever.
  8. So why can we just ignore regular players without a second thought? .-. I don't want to sound like an ass but yeah. You have to at least consider this. PM pretty much overrides every other form of communication so it would be a better solution. Some players may want to ignore staff for stupid crap they've done in the past. Players not like eachother for something outside of EMC. I just think you should have the option to be able to rather than them being so much higher up than everyone else... They still speak like regular players.
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  9. As if all staff are perfectly likable by everyone.. There's plenty of reasons that you could want to ignore a staff member. Staff shouldn't just be declared awesome people that everyone should like, and if you don't like a player then you should be able to ignore them. Staff are players too, and we shouldn't be forced to listen to them unless it directly concerns us and if that's the case then they can PM. Why do I need to catch a staff doing something blatantly wrong in order to do anything? What if I just don't like someone personally? Is that not okay?
    This. Wish I could give more than one like.
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  10. While you can ignore players without a second thought, that's not the purpose of /ignore. It is a tool given to the players much like /mute is given to the staff. It is up to the player to use the tool correctly, but we aren't going to make a change to that tool to facilitate the use of the unintended side-effect the tool has.
  11. Outside of staff performing moderation duties, what makes them any different than a regular player? Staff are not almighty beings that everyone must bow down to. I may not like the things that staff x says or I may have ran into them negatively before and I don't like to conversate with them unnecessarily. What's wrong with that?
  12. Ninja'd.
  13. No one is forced to listen to or like the staff members. However, the staff are here to help. Don't like the staff because of something bad they have done? Report it to Kryssy/Aikar. This has already been said, and I hope that it does not need to be re-iterated more than once.

    Don't want to hear what a staff member has to say? Tuff. They have a sense of authority, and that authority needs to be respected. Everyone should know that. It does not matter if a staff member is having a conversation in Town chat and you do not want to hear it. There is a special command that actually hides their messages, though:

    /ch off

    Use that. You should probably say something like, "PM me if you need me", or something similar.

    I know you are probably thinking something along the lines of, "Gosh, Galant is a jerk and he needs to shut up", or "Yeah yeah, we know, but we still don't want to hear what they have to say". Well, I am sorry you feel that way. I am doing anything but trying to be a twit who sides with the staff. Believe me, there have been staff that I was not particularly fond of. However, I listened to what they said, and if they said something in chat that I did not want to hear, then I ignored it.
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  14. It makes their job of contacting the players more difficult, thus impeding their ability to do their job with the utmost efficiency so they can then go help the next person. It's been this way since the ignore feature came out and no one has had any issues with it until now. In the past we had players upset during a glitch that caused issues where players COULD ignore staff complain that they didn't hear a big announcement since they accidentally had that staff member ignored.
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  15. I see why players want to ignore staff - after all, they're just players with a green name. Nobody likes everyone. However, those staff members have a responsibility to do their jobs and some of that involves speaking in chat, such as in events or while talking to multiple people. Countless times staff have come into town chat and had to talk to a server.

    Perhaps add a /modshout [message] or /ms command for staff that will bypass any /ignores for them to use while dealing with actual staff stuff? It could make both sides happy.

    Edit: Just /ms will lock the staff in 'staff chat mode' so they won't have to do it every time.
  16. So now we have to treat staff like completely different people? Like god? Nono. The /Ignore 'tool' as you call it is used when a player gets pissed of at another player.. It's used instead of arguing.. But if we argue with staff we'll most probably get muted because after all.. they are god. I just think it would be so much better to be able to use this 'tool' in a fair manner. Instead of just blanking this idea out because you don't really agree with it can you at least think it over and consider how this will actually help out the community and havr no affect at all on the players that don't agree with it.

    Edit: It doesn't make it more difficult for staff to contact a player. If they are really that lazy to type /tell [player name] They shouldn't be staff.
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  17. Because "@<player>" is going to cause a measurable deficit of time.. They do not need to save 2 seconds (literally).

    Must we fall back to chat scripts to get these sorts of things done?
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  18. Not like God, but they are present to help and hold events, etc. We had issues in the past as noted above where players could ignore staff. I'm saying that we have discussed it in the past and that's why it is the way it is today.
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  19. It is not about staff being lazy, and no, staff members are not God.

    If a staff member mutes someone for the mere reason of a petty argument, that would be abuse of power, and it would be handled. Now, if that player was being rude and causing drama, that would be a valid reason to become muted. Kryssy has already said that it will not happen.
  20. Thing is, if you are arguing with a staff, either a), you did something wrong to be begin with, or b), they aren't going to just mute you, they'll listen to you and try speak reasonably with you, whether through chat or a private message. If a staff member is just muting you just because you disagree with them, they probably wouldn't be staff for very long. Staff don't mute because they think of themselves as gods, they mute because somebody needs a break from chat.
    Simply put, how many times do you see a staff member say "Player X, please watch the spam" in chat each day? Staff shouldn't HAVE to resort to private message to get a message as simple as that across. It's an expectation that if you're spamming Town Chat, you should be able to receive a Town Chat message without needing a private message.
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