Ignoramoose and Krysyyjane9191 celebrate 500 days of EMC!

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    A little story to start...

    I remember it like it was yesterday. Ignoramoose wanted to show me a game from a few years back that he wanted to go back to playing after we had both been exhausted on Skyrim . He had been playing around on the internet and found the site for Empire Minecraft and decided to try it out. Later in the afternoon, I decided to put down the Xbox controller and shift over to my laptop. In the beginning, I'm surprised that Moose didnt strangle me out of pure frustration :eek:. I wanted to know everything and I kept asking him things like "How do you make a door?", "How do you make a furnace?", etc. Eventually, he showed me the minecraft wiki to shut me up :rolleyes:. We got plots next to each other, 3764 and 3763 and decided to make a small shop.
    Fast forward to today. We are both moderators of the greatest minecraft server EVER! (even better than one with all doctor who items, and if you know me, that's saying a lot) We have spent the past 500 days getting to talk to people from all over, most of them being amazing. I graduated college and joined ignoramoose in the real world, we moved to Austin to better both of our careers and lived with my brother, and now we are moving into a house in North Austin this weekend (finally).

    Anyways, point of this thread is an AMA (ask me anything) as we will be 500 days as of tomorrow. Due to this being our moving weekend, we cannot do anything spectacular just yet. BUT I am working with people to make the wait worth it.

    As for the guidelines:
    ~Inappropriate questions can and WILL be deleted from this thread.

    ~I will try to answer all questions as best as I can and Moose will pop in as well. ~No I cannot tell you when the dragon tombs are coming out. Mainly because I have NO IDEA! Lol.

    ~Be creative to get the best answers!

    Let the asking begin!
  2. how do you make a door (my official joke question for this, feel free to laugh out loud)

    {Actual Question} Who are your super bestest friends on EMC?

    Congratulations on getting this far, may you enjoy 500 more days :)
  3. Only you kev...only you...
    put wood or iron in a crafting table. 3 high x 2 wide. Enjoy your door.
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  4. gratz!
    Do you think I'm pretty?
  5. Congratulations! :D
    My question: What was your first thought when you started playing Minecraft? :)
  6. Are you happy to reach a milestone of 500 days here at EMC?
    Do you enjoy games other than MC?
    What is your favorite TV show aside from DR.Who (I can kinda tell you like that show)?
  7. Your avatar is a little creepy. As for you, the person...i would have to see a real life picture to make that judgement.
  8. "This is complicated as hell."
  9. What is the strangest question you have ever been asked?
    Other than this... =P
  10. Will you go crazy before the 50'th anniversary episode of Doctor Who? Know I will. :p
  11. I am ecstatic!
    I enjoy Scrabble, skyrim (still), fable series games, etc. I'm a gamer girl at heart.
    Both myself and the evasive IceCreamCow LOVE Grey's Anatomy. We gush over each episode like school girls.
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  12. Gratz on 500 days!

    Who is the best Doctor, 10 or 11?
    Favorite alien from Doctor Who?
    Favorite Companion?
    Do you like Pears? (I hope you get this xD)
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  13. Ha. This is interesting. How do i mine things? (Was trying to click instead of holding click). Why is it dark, whats that hissing?
  14. I dont know the answer to this one at the moment. Will come back...
  15. I'm sure moose will have to lock me in a padded room by the time my birthday rolls around in early September. Hopefully, they make it worth the wait.
  16. Of course!
    I play just about everything at some point. More in the past than now. I'm a fan of difficult games most of the time, generally RPG's and RTS games. The first supreme commander, dark souls, sins of a solar empire, and the bethesda rpgs (morrowind-skyrim, recent fallouts) are my go to favorites.
  17. Wow! 500 days on EMC!
    Congratz you both :)
  18. I will complete that for you:
    Would you rather scratch your head with your toes or have a sweaty smelly guy scratch your head for you?
  19. Hehe... I thought the game wasn't workinng because I couldn't destroy any blocks. (I was clicking instead of holding). :p
    When I heard the music for first time I thought it was the computer...
  20. 10
    tie between weeping angels and daleks
    rose tyler and a close second donna noble
    "No, I hate pears!" but in real life i like them...
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