If you were voting in the U.S. election today....

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Who would you vote for?

Barack Obama / Democratic Party 37 vote(s) 44.0%
Mitt Romney / Republican Party 34 vote(s) 40.5%
Gary Johnson / Libertarian Party 4 vote(s) 4.8%
Other 9 vote(s) 10.7%
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  1. who would you vote for? I know we have a lot of younger players on here but I'm curious how much attention is paid to what's going on in this country.

    If you want to give reasons for why you choose what you did then go for it. The votes themselves in the poll are anonymous but it's always nice to defend your choice with some facts or opinions.

    I gave the fourth choice to "Other" because the three I listed are the only nominated candidates so far. I'm not going to list the ones that have declared themselves in the running although you can certainly pick one of them as well.
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  2. I am Honestly Not to sure :/ Obama has his Ups and Down... But Mitt Romney is Looking good but Has not convinced me yet and for Gary Johnson i'm not to sure about him...
  3. If you want to go a little further I'd like to ask what are some of Obama's ups and downs and what about Mitt Romney is looking good?

    You can learn plenty of about Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party if you want, or anyone wants... some of you may be familiar with Ron Paul, even though Ron Paul is technically Republican he pretty much agrees with like 99% of what the Libertarian platform is.
  4. I'm not into this type of stuff, but Mitt Romney just looks evil. So I picked Ol' Bama there.
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  5. Man... I was all for Ron Paul got to support local resident and like his ideas but now my mind is back and forth but leaning towards Mitt.

    Really wanted Perry to get him out of Texas :p
  6. Lol, way to create a potentially controversial thread. I am curious how it pans out :D
  7. And then we'll all start hating on the US and who's country is better... I think this is a can of gas on a stove and needs to be locked.
  8. I don't see why anyone would vote for a Democrat or a Republican. They're both taking the US down the path of certain doom, but because of the way the US voting system is set up, it's merely a charade for democracy. With only two (worthwhile) parties to pick from, and a "first across the finish line" winning criterion, what choice is really being given to the people?
  9. I don't know that it needs "Locked"; but it could easily end badly. My state will vote republican no matter what, it isn't one of the swing states, so it doesn't really matter who I like.
  10. *Pulls out hand to shake in agreement
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  11. That reminds me of another thing that really just has to go. The Electoral College.

    For one, it completely removes the idea of "one vote, one voice", or "equal representation", as a vote in some states carry more weight than a vote in others. A Wyoming vote is worth three times as much as a Florida vote.

    Additionally, a candidate that has received an overwhelming popular vote in total can still lose the election. How? Because winning a state with 50.1%/49.9% gives you the exact same result as winning a state with 99.9%/0.1%. Therefore, in theory, one candidate can have won many states over by huge margins (like 99.9%), thus having an overwhelming popular vote, while the other candidate won more electoral votes with small margins in the remaining states (like 50.1%), thus winning the election. Sensible? I think not.
  12. Hey I learned about electoral college today, anyways, I'd vote for Obama, I really don't have a opinion on this.
  13. It more or less comes down to the fact that Mitt Romney has, in my oppinion, been using to much time on saying whats wrong with the Barack Obama perspective and their solutions, instead of actually coming up with solutions, answers and plans for the future..

    In my oppinion its not a hard choice when it comes down to who's sounds more trustworthy - buts its politics, and non the less - its the US, anything can happen..
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  14. Trust! REALLY!!! Some use that word in a election and then say you trust a POLITICIAN instead of a Businessman.

    I tell you what I DON'T trust (and the current poll in favor of Obama proves it) the intelligence of the american people.
    People better worry more about the Senators and Congressman they vote for or no matter which president we have we are doomed.
    Just look at the value of a Dollar these day and it's going to get worse with our Governments way of spending on BS programs.. Any good accountant can figure that out.

    Thank God I'm old and won't have so many years left to see my kids suffer. :(
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  16. My personal opinion:

    "If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you're not a racist,
    you'll have to vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you're not an idiot."
  17. is this to imply that Romney and Paul aren't politicians? what about their constant lying and misleading statements that have been pointed out from every news outlet and fact-checking organization?

    just saying that if you are going to talk about trust, you can't just slam one side. it's not like Obama is a career politician.
  18. so far Obama is winning in our little poll but most of the vocal ones who are replying are choosing Mitt. we got Gary Johnson with two votes in the poll which is nice, means at least two people know who he is.

    so far though no one is really backing up their opinion, everyone is kinda saying who they are voting for but not why. we're getting little "internet meme" type comments though. cmon folks, back your opinion up with some facts.
  19. I'll be watching this thread very closely. Let's keep it constructive in arguments throughout. Remember - you can be banned in game for your actions on the forums :)

    Every texan did. I honestly decided that if Perry was the president, I'd move to canada.
  20. So I assume that we want to avoid the ad hominem attacks but political discussion is fine?
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