If you were to get one item (something in EMC) what would it be?

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  1. If you were to get one item (something in EMC) what would it be?
    Like this page if you thing this game is a good idea ;)
    Il start original enderdragon egg
  2. Lol
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  3. A marlix spawn egg... Would be nice for a residence to have a passive marlix on a lead sitting around...
  4. A command block :p
  5. Meh old Yoshi Armor.
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  6. Sponge Block
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  8. a banana
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  9. EnderDragon.

    Be nice to see me mum.
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  10. ^
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  11. Cobblestone.
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  12. Just sent you a whole stack! It was mighty expensive my friend xD
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  13. I didn't even know of these, now it's all I want lol
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  14. All of my fake promos. XD So I have some block breakers... some presents... some present openers... and some super slashers... all fake, but real. NBTEditForTheWin!!!
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  15. Access to stage.
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  16. I would like to have my own voter's block back.

    Doesn't matter, it still looks cool.
  17. A rupee. I want to hold one, in my inventory slot.