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Do you want a Miniboss like this added to EMC?

Yes, bring it on Thanatos 10 vote(s) 66.7%
No, it needs a little fixing 4 vote(s) 26.7%
No, EMC shouldn't add a Miniboss like this 1 vote(s) 6.7%
  1. Since 1.7 this can be found in the wild

    Now Empire Minecraft already has a Miniboss that rides a bat, the Marlix

    Would it be possible that a New Miniboss be a Baby Zombie in leather armor, some color, holding another weapon besides a sword which has already been taken by another Miniboss.

    It would have the same spawn ratio, health, and armor enchants as the Marlix. The chicken would never die until the baby Zombie on top dies. Also this Miniboss doesn't take fire damage, and is always on fire.

    Here are my Idea's on how it should be customized:

    I could see the color of the armor being white that way the Miniboss while look like a small white blur when a player is fighting it.

    It's name could be something like Thanatos, (Greek god of Death), Pullum, (Chicken in Latin), Momentus Junior or Chickeneer Pet. Personally I like Thanatos the best, it goes great with all the other Latin and Greek based stuff in EMC.

    It's drops ratio would be (Sorry EMC doesn't have tables):

    Thanatos' Boots:1:Very Rare
    Thanatos' Armor:1:Very Rare

    Thanatos' Helmet:1:Very Rare
    Thanatos' Leggings:1:Very Rare
    Thanatos' Hoe or Chickeneer's Claw:1:Rare
    Zombie Virus:1:Rare
    Shiny Chicken:4-15:Uncommon
    Shiny Flesh:4-15:Uncommon
    Chicken Head:1:Always
    Zombie Head:1:Always
    Shiny Chicken would be like regular raw chicken so it has 30% chance of hunger (0:30), but it also gives a the effect of a potion of swiftness (Increased speed by 20% and increased FOV.) for one min and it has the shiny effect EMC gives to all the other shiny items.

    The Thanatos' Hoe or Chickeneer's Claw would be the weapon drop like the Marlix's Bow and Momentus's Toothpick. It would be a wooden hoe, that's final and soul bound, and have Unbreaking IV, Sharpness X, and Looting IV.

    His armor would have the same as enchants as the Marlix, but different colored.

    Upon spawning, a red message appears in Chat stating "A chicken calls for a challenge..." to nearby players.

    Now it could have the ability to summon Enraged chickens whenever that comes out.

    Hopped you all like this New Miniboss idea, I do think EMC needs to add a Miniboss that rides a chicken in the game. Whether or not it's this I don't know. Tell me what you think of it bellow.
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  2. Very nice idea, the Chickeneer's claw made me giggle a little :p

    +1 from me, maybe a few tweaks are needed though

    Edit: It's a little small in my opinion, it might make it hard to find in some cases
  3. +1,000,000 due to my Momentuses. It should fly with a blaze (So it doesn't go too high), and It'll float on a cloud of smoke when not chasing players.
  4. Your momentuses?
  5. i think a better drop rate would be a thanatos helmet, and chicken boots (he is tiny afterall) shiny cooked chicken and chicken headz
  6. Enraged chicken=egg cannon
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  7. No, his Momentus.
  8. I love thus idea :p
  9. This is 1.7.4, I do not think EMC is 1.7.4. If it is I better make my version of this mob.
  10. Perhaps not as much drops. Otherwise, sounds interesting..
  11. Idea Bubble:

    Enraged Chickens

    Alot of Health Shoots eggs like a uzi
    Eggs have high knockback to annoy the :eek: out of you.

    Drops: Chickeneer gear/Very high knockback eggs :p
  12. 1.7.4 clients are able to connect so I believe we are at that update.

    The idea sounds pretty good.
  13. Of course 1.7.4 clients can connect, ANY client above 1.7.2 is able to connect. But I am not sure that since the server is 1.7.2 and the chicken jockey is 1.7.4, will they spawn?
  14. Ohhhh. They can probably spawn it the same way they spawn the Marlix. I didn't know chicken jockies existed as naturally spawning.
  15. i like it, but just sayin, what if the message was something like "You hear an egg hatch nearby...", considering the messages for a marlix or momentus follows the same format of "You ___ [article] __________..."