I would totally buy an EMC promo T-Shirt.

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  1. Just sayin'.

    Maybe a contest for the design?
  2. Haha a T-Shirt...i would totally get one. I could brag to all my friends that i play the best server ever!!!
  3. They could be like $20 each or $35 with a month of diamond. :D
  4. lol i would get an EMC T shirt
  5. Am I the only one who already made there own CustomINK EMC t-shirt?

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  6. never thought of that o.o +1 for creativity
  7. For some odd reason I feel like this was suggested before and turned down..?
  8. hmm.. Now that I think about it.. I remember it being referenced somewhere..
  9. I would wear this everywhere (under a suit jacket of course).

    Not sure about the costs though. Otherwise, totally a +1!
  10. Id hope for 20-25 USD
  11. Was looking through old threads, thought I would bump this ancient thing. Still would buy one.
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  12. Wow nice +1
  13. I was considering suggesting something like EMC Merchandise just the other day, I just don't have follow through. +1 from me. I wouldn't be able to buy though
  14. We've had more threads about people making this: it's not allowed.
    It'd be cool if there was an official one by Starlis LLC, but one isn't allowed to distribute fan-made T-Shirts, I think.
    Of course, you can design and order one for yourself on a site like ArtsCow, though.
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  15. No I mean EMC making an official T-Shirt. Like, to help support the server and also because it would be cool. Just crowdsource the design (official contest) or just use the logo, or both, and set it up on something like teespring.
  16. Yeah, that would be cool.
    But, although I'm not sure, I think that'd cost money to start with, and if hardly any shirts are sold it probably won't work out very well.
    How much demand would you think there'd be?
    Not too much, I'd think, honestly. I've never made a shirt design centred around EMC, do you have any ideas for how you'd do it? I'd want it to be actually cool, not just advertising, obviously.
  17. Black shirt in gold or ywllow letters put EMC and treasure chest with promos spilling out of them
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  18. They could do what some other companies do and make them when ordered and allow the person to make a few different choices but still have the logo
  19. That's why I recommended something like teespring, you upload the design and do some marketing or whatever, but they manufacture, ship it, etc and just take a cut of the profits. No real upfront cost.

    That's why I thought a contest might be good, have a great prize for any design they use (like those fancy rare vouchers that pop up occasionally or just diamond ones), and that way you have a bunch of people trying to make an interesting design.
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