I will tell you my story

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  1. Hello Empire Minecraftians,

    Today, it is time to release the secret I have been holding for the time I have been here. *Darth Vader voice* I, am, the Cow.

    Woops, wrong story.... :S

    This is my story to Minecraft and my life (As far as I can tell)

    I will start 2 years ago: I was a boy a bit older than 11, I got a PC on my room, without internet. I played games like Rollercoaster Tycoon, Sim City 4, and all those games. I built big cities, and regions with more than 1 million people.

    I played at friends houses the same kind of games, not very long, like an hour. And, like 1.5 years ago, a friend introduced me to Minecraft, he said it was a fun game and he would show it when I was at his place.
    When I was there he tried to show it but Java got some problems on that PC, so we played a little Google Sketchup. I forgot about Minecraft that time. But some months I thought that it would maybe fun to try a free version of it. So I got to the site where you could play Minecraft for free (Now blocked). I felt pro because I dug so deep that I got to some lava.

    I thought the game was really fun and bought it, 15 euros back than. I played a little and found out how to play from watching all the episodes from Paulsoaresjr. I was addicted to watching that kind of YouTube videos. Now I only watch a few of 'em.

    So I played for 2 months and than that same friend said me to play on a server, didn't really knew multiplayer back than, so I joined the server on the site, and just filled everything in. My friend got that referral bonus, because he helped me joining.

    When I joined the server and did the tutorial (Without reading the guide and letting my friend do those questions). I got to his res on smp4 and he showed me what he built. It looked cool, and we started to look for a residence for me. Like 1 or 2 days ago smp5 was launched. I claimed residence 10215, and started building a cobblestone generator, and a tree farm. We played for some hours and than he got home. I made a Skype account that day too, because than I could play and talk at the same time.

    When I was on that server and met some people, I started adding them on Skype. And my contact kept growing, and first of all, my mom liked it because my English was improving very good! I read the guide and a some stuff in the Minecraft Wiki, and got a pro in Minecraft.

    I built my res and got like 6 people on from school and stuff, still proud of that (haha). I even got my little brother and father on here (although my father is not yet playing, his PC is not yet good enough)! I loved the time I spended on here so got supporter 2 times. And I still love the time playing here, but because I am now in the second class, I got so many homework, I am only able to get online like 30 minutes a day.

    As seen, I won my iron membership on that YouTube competition, happy about that! I recently bought Fraps, and started a YouTube channel for that. It is still a little bit scary to commentate like you are crazy and started talking to you Computer!

    And yeah, finally, a picture of me:

    Me, running to win this, I'm in front: AVa.jpg

    Picture 25.jpg Picture 26.jpg
  2. Awesome, who's your bro?
  3. That little guy is TrueJob, his name is Job (Not that English word :p) And my father is harmfulharm. :D
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  4. I meant friend. Who's your friend :p
  5. kindof a fail, it was Sytza
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  6. :D Lovely read!
  7. Imma make one :p
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  8. I could swear you've made one already...
  9. Sorry for that EPIC joke I made in the start. :p
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  10. Nice i guess everyone has an mc story as for making youtube vid's don't be scared just take your time and try make them interesting I started doing vid's last year and have over 1/4 mill views to date all the best.
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  11. I'm forgetful. I may have done, but I don't remember it :p
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  12. Would never have known English isn't your first language if you hadn't stated so on Steam and here :)

    The first and third picture were fine, I nearly threw my cup at my screen when I saw the second O__O
  13. You didn't did you!?! Yeah I'm not sure what to think about that one either lol :p

    You know I almost believed that joke at the start due to the fact that it has happened before with GameKribJEREMY...
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  14. Haha no I didn't. It wasn't expecting it though :D.
  15. I got really good English because I got some family in America, and they are over here every year, and I don't really know why I'm good at it. :p My first language is Dutch by the way. :D

    Just posted that picture because I could :p
  16. It's nice to hear someones story.
  17. Awesome, I don't know Dutch xD.
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  18. I may as well attempt one of these.
  19. Go for it :D
  20. I look exactly like you LOL
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