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Should I Build this when its done on SMP2

YES!!! 11 vote(s) 55.0%
Yes 7 vote(s) 35.0%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
NO!!! 2 vote(s) 10.0%
  1. In the screenshots below is a fortress Ive been constructing on Creative single player. The fortress is still under construction and I'm wondering when its done if I should construct it at my res on smp 2

  2. It'd be really cool to see this in the Wild, maybe make it bigger and make it into an outpost.
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  3. Also, build it on smp7 :p

  4. im trying something similar on smp6, want to make this whole island in the style of the north from westeros and have a wall and an eastwatch by the sea and a winterfell. my wall is alot higher then yours though
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  5. The thing is I'm not going to build it in the Wild because ive played on so many servers Ive developed a mistrust of unprotected areas and so far the build is a little smaller then 60x60
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  6. grief protection is not far away at all, my wall so far is 120x7x90 and its only halfway done, im going to build castle black/the night fort where it stops currently then continue the wall further along when i have the supplies to just put in the stone bricks. following that ill add the snow, packed ice, regular ice and skulls as needed to make it really pretty and cool looking
  7. Yeah build it on smp2 dude
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  8. its always brighter on smp9 though ;D
  9. Ive made some more Progress here is a top down image
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  10. Decent design, ornate, visually interesting. :) Sometimes there's something to be said for building small.
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  11. I think the Empire always needs good builds, and this would definitely qualify. However if you're going to build it, turn it in to something more than a structure. Add depth to it like catacombs to explore and Easter eggs to find. Make it a place worth going to visit rather than a nice thing to walk by.
  12. I do plan on adding a Catacombs or a Large cellar with lots of rooms, that's what the cave in picture 7 is for, but I really didn't think about Easter eggs, Maybe I will add a few but don't expect to see them in the pictures
  13. Your opinions are noted but I like smp2 I don't think Ive ever visited another smp
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  14. I like what you're doing here! And I'm already a fan, this looks gorgeous. SMP2 should be proud having this build included in town, and I know I am :)

    As much as I like hearing that, SMP2 is also my all time favorite server, I'd still like to suggest to look around from time to time. Not only do other servers have different wastelands which might be useful, you may even discover other very nice communities. Although my absolutely favorite is SMP2 I also took a great liking to smp4, smp5 and smp9.

    Basically smp1, smp6 and smp8 as well :) And the only reason I don't mention smp3 and smp7 is because I haven't spend as much time there. Which I'm planing to do anyway :)

    But yeah, I like your post and your building!
  15. Well hey! An improvement! You at least mentioned poor little smp3.

    The build looks amazing, I love that is isn't super covered up in fancy stuff while still very interesting to look at.
    It would be a awesome thing to build it on empire, and if you need any materials when building make sure to pm me.
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  16. Yeah that's going to be one of the biggest bottlenecks when building this its going to take A LOT of Oak Logs, Dirt, and Stone Bricks
  17. Then we will have to get some, when you start pm me, thats all ye need to do
  18. Thanks I will let you know

    My Plan is first to build it then use MCEdit to cut it into layers then take screenshots of those layers and use those to help me build it on my res
  19. "Go big or go home." - Owner of two multi res builds and a 300x300 wild city
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  20. I Plan on making a few wool flags around the fortress and Im wondering what colors i should use