I want promos

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  1. anyone now were there are cheap promos i really like promos they look cool and there names are cool i like looking at them
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  2. Because who needs grammar? ;)
  3. /v 2000 on smp1 has every promo ever made except for the pi pie.
  4. Someone has stolen your '.' key!
  5. And his shift key...
    And apparently the comma too.
  6. I don't think all of them are in there... I know most are though :)
  7. i now but it is to expensive
  8. do you know more
  9. do you know were to get cheap promos from
  10. Well if we are going to pick on grammar use, your not supposed to start a sentence with because. ;)
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    It's just frowned upon in lower-aged writing because people shouldn't get in the habit of doing so ;)
    Because the child was hungry, they ate a snack.
  12. https://www.busuu.com/t/2932366
    I surrender.
    EDIT: I didn't check comments for bad language so read those at own risk.
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  13. Try /v +trimall on smp8
    or just go around all the smp's and type /v +mall or /v +promo or /v +promoshop
    also do /res list +mall, /res list +promo and /res list +promoshop to see which shops have those tags
  14. A wise saying goes, "Do not critique others if you are not perfect" or something like that.
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  16. anyone now were to buy promos or now friendly people how negotiate pls tell me
  17. Sorry, had to correct the grammar before answering. #grammarnazi

    As to your original question: What is your definition of "cheap"? Do recognize that for the vast majority of promos, you will not find them for a rupee less than 10k. Many of them are worth significantly more than that.

    Don't let that discourage you though; you get 1,300 rupees per day from voting. So go vote, get the rupees/streak bonuses (more free rupees!), and you'll be able to build up a collection in no time. :)
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  18. cheap is separate for any promo i don't want to pay the usual price ok
  19. You will have problems with that. There is very little variance between prices and the little that exists is typically above average market value (mainly to anticipate future climbs in the price). Those who are in the promo collection business, which consists of the vast majority of EMCers in some shape or form, are fully aware of the promo values and generally will not let them go for much less.

    I really hate to rain on your parade, but in my opinion you're asking for the impossible here. :(
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  20. Then you may have a very hard time getting any of them.
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