I want more from the magma block :(

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Magna block should be "silk touch" only!

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Yes, that makes sense. 7 vote(s) 70.0%
I don't care either way. 1 vote(s) 10.0%
No, it should be normally mineable 2 vote(s) 20.0%
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  1. Hi gang!

    Time for a (hopefully) fun Minecraft discussion. Although I'm still a little "so so" about the Combat update I have grown out of my annoyance with the sounds and I even look forward on getting access to some of the 1.10 blocks. My favorite(s)?

    The magma block (as seen in the title) :p

    But I think they really could have done much better here :confused:

    What is Magma anyway?

    Image courtesy of Wikipedia

    Quoting Wikipedia here: "a mixture of molten or semi-molten rock, volatiles and solids". So basically it wouldn't be all that surprising to relate this block to the lava block.

    Which is why I expected more out of it :(

    Where's the lava (liquid)?

    I would have expected this block not to be mineable using a pickaxe. If you tried I'd expect it to turn into lava while optionally taking a few bordering magma blocks with it (so: all those would turn into lava source blocks, which would be much fun in the nether! ;)).

    Only a silk touch pickaxe should be able to actually mine magna in my opinion.

    What do you think?
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  2. Minecraft doesn't have to be like real life, though.

    I honestly think that mining magma blocks would be pretty annoying, especially since lava already appears in single blocks in the nether.
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  3. I second this.

    On a side note every time I see a real life picture of magma I think "I'd love to drink that."
  4. That pic tho. It's so pretty! I argh- want to, so close... too hot to touch. :(

    I like the idea of using a silk pick rather and I too agree it should've been more than - well what it is. It's like they just threw in a block, gave it a simple texture, aw heck we'll call it this cause we can and bingo!

    Quite honestly I'd uh thought that it would give off more lighting than it does at the moment and since it's magma it could have been cool to make it steam underwater in deep oceans with a new visual effect of some sort.
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  5. Well, floating islands and swimming up waterfalls aren't realistic either :p
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  6. Honestly if you expected realism in Minecraft, please consider that Minecraft is the very same game that demonstrates punching a tree in order to gain wood.
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  7. True enough about the silk touch. Though I do have to say a magma walkway to the nether would look so good in my outpost.
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  8. You forgot about the floating dirt.
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  9. Or have lava placed in cold biomes turn into magma blocks? ;)
    Hm, I think I like it how it is.
  10. That's gonna hurt
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  11. Having magma block turn to lava when mined without silk would give a player an awesome ability to move around lava source blocks - great for transport and building. It would give it the same relationship ice block has to water bucket - so a current minecraft theme. Of course it would also give a griefer an ability to bury your outpost with lava with a single inventory (imagine 27 lava buckets vs 1,728 potential lava source blocks).

    I'd take the good with the risk of potential bad, +1.

    Another idea would have been to make it mineable using a shovel verses a pick in a nod to it's semi liquid state. I mean, look at that big orange blob - are you going to walk up to it with a pick or a shovel when you want to collect some? At least it would have given another reason to bring a shovel to the nether.

    Yeah, silk touch shovel. Sounds good :)
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  12. Burns like fire, evaporates water, doesn't melt ice.

    Minecraft science.
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  13. 'tis a fickle being.
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  14. Logik over 9000 yo
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  15. small bump :) I like where this is heading so far!