I need YOUR help with a project!

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  1. Greetings, EMC!

    Edit: I now have all the people I need! Thanks to everyone who volunteered. As promised, I have given a clue about the project on the 8th page of this thread. I'll start working on the project as soon as I can (I have final exams for the next week).


    1. HylianNinja
    2. PandasEatRamen
    3. nick5013
    4. JackBiggin
    5. Ahzeriel
    7. 72Volt
    8. RainbowChin
    9. jtc0999
    10. cddm95ace
    11. margaritte
    12. Electrobomb
    13. ItsMeMatheus
    14. mba2012
    15. Qwerty189
    16. Amazin_Swordfish
    17. Mrlegitislegit
    18. Iceraider14
    19. kevdudeman
    20. penfoldex
    21. SILVERMAN2
    22. ninjaboy5656
    23. collect12
    24. TheEpic5
    25. MasterMockery
    26. jay2a
    27. fluffinator09
    28. jacob5089
    29. DemonThunder345
    30. shaunwhite1982
    31. pat2011
    32. wartrex13
    33. 607
    34. brickstrike
    35. _Stads_
    36. LadBlo
    37. 1998golfer
    38. BobTheTomato9798
    39. Gearmaster08
    40. yankees518
    41. Slip_Stream
    42. AmusedStew
    43. Kylerboy
    44. reesethebeast12
    45. DaBigWOLF
    46. zh88
    47. Ryuga_XI
    48. Chascarrillo
    49. Jimbonothing64
    50. britbrit3197
    51. CamerinDrake
    52. darksuperlord
    53. sonicol1
    54. Blackstone71
    55. soni316
    56. B4DMAN5IMON
    57. hashhog3000
    58. talukegord
    59. SleepyPK
    60. Jonathan1272
    61. puppy_power9
    62. supersisterfive
    63. bbrex
    64. Inuyasha1204
    65. WriterofEpics
    66. Chascarrillo
    67. THE_LEGEND4
    68. Xenonrai
    69. Sunny_Chicken
    70. SirZomb
    71. princebee
    72. moyaboya
    73. supereskimo...?
    74. marknaaijer
    75. thestar19
    76. Equinox_Boss
    77. HurferDurfer1
    78. dreamer423
  2. I want to be entered. (My skin has a little bit of hat, but it looks fine without it.)
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  5. I'll be in if possible :)
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  6. *puts hand up to volunteer*
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  7. I'll let you use my skin, if you would like. =)
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  8. Can I enter my skin, It has a hat but It looks just as good without it.
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  9. Come on, dude, my skin is iconic.
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  10. How about mine?
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  11. Mine is a good one, made by Chascarrillo :D
    In fact, he made quiet a few other skins for me, you can use them all if you'd like.
    Just tell me and i'll send a link to them all :)
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  12. You're welcome to use my skin if you'd like, I'm really curious to see what this is for :D
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  13. Me, pick me!
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  14. Marg: imagesCAH2SIDP.jpg
  15. I want in!
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  16. I might get my skin in. But it wasn't made by me... I might change it some time...
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  17. I looked at it and I think it's okay, but I'll let you make any changes you want before I add you. Just reply again saying you want in when you're ready.
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  18. *raises hand slowly*
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  19. I'll have it in. I probably won't get a new skin for a few months...
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  20. By "Original", do you mean that we had to have made it, or just hasn't been offered it yet?
    I did not make this skin, but it's the one I use, and I would like to help. :) Here is the link:
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