i need animalcrossing friends!

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  1. hello emc, today I posted this thread because I need friends for animal crossing cityfolk (accf) or animalcrossing wildworld (acww)

    I posted this thread becuasse I realized I had no friends (that I can visit) and im hoping I can get one friend over the week so we can play on the weekend! also if you join you can benefit if you help me clean a little but here is the list of benefits:
    overflow junk!
    what ever you find on the ground!

    I will post my friend code on Friday and I can play on these times(Hawaii only)

    Saturday: 9:00am-10:00pm

    and no littering my town is already trashed!:mad:
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  2. I do not think this is a valid thread.
  3. I see no problem with this thread.

    And. This makes me want to go find my animal crossing game lol.
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  4. I hope not because I was hoping someone played the game and I don't feel like signing up for something to get a friend but if someone has the game I will be very glad

    (to onaj's post)
  5. He basically wants people to help him out. Also play with them. The reason why I say this is not a valid thread is because I wanted to do something similar but with an iphone game, I was also including rupees. I had to go through ICC first before validating it. He told me I could not do so.
  6. oh so that's. why but I posted this because I suffered this lonely state for like 9 years but I dint know so then its a mistake but I still want atleast one friend
  7. Keep the thread up until told so. I may be wrong.
  8. k but I'm hoping for a friend to post their code because it will make my search for friends harder

    also I got to say if I can play a game on the weekday ill post it here
  9. I think the reason yours wasn't valid was it involved Rupees. This is just like the threads for Aikar's game he plays on his phone and for those threads for Steam, they don't mention rupees, they just ask for friends.
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  10. good point
  11. Lol so basically I should try again but not add rupees.
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  12. Yeah, you could see if it's acceptable without the rupees.
  13. Ok lets get back on track because I need friends!!!:)
  14. Sorry about that
  15. I do :D.

    I will also get my friend code as soon as I change our Router settings. Wild World doesn't like my router settings -_-
  16. I have an animal crossing for my gamecube can i connect?
    freaking Mr.Reseti
  17. im going to get one soon because my dsi broke
  18. I think the only ones able to connect are 3ds/ds/dsi to each other, wii to wii, your ds to your wii.

    So I just tried, If I connect my 3ds through WEP, my laptop doesn't connect because it apparently doesn't have a WEP option. -_-

    Oh well. I used to play with a friend and he and I would make ourselves look as random as ever. Here's a doodle I made at one point before I had to clear my game and sell it at gamestop :(. Bought it again after we got my 3DS. I didn't shade it right cause I was just messing around.

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  19. sry I don't have a Gamecube or the game do you have anyother version?
  20. On my N64