I just fell in lava in the nether, anything I can do?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by kevdudeman, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. I disconnected immediately...
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  2. Gee thanks
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  3. sucks but nothing can be done.

    Tip #1: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS carry a fire resist potion that is IN your hot bar rdy to use for times like these.

    Tip #2: Try to get 2-3 pcs of armor with fire protection IV.
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  4. What's your coords and what server? I can come rescue you.
  5. I have got to be the luckiest teenage boy alive, because I just swam to an island and lived!
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  6. Good job.
  7. Well done!
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  8. I'll take a bow
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  9. also keep some ice with you. until 1.3 ice can sitll be used in the nether, so you can get water!
  10. I found this when I used to go digging with a friend of mine, If I ever fell in lava while we were exploring a cave, I'd log out, Back in, tell him the coordinates, Log out, and be rescued, (And Vice Versa OFC)
  11. Do you reckon we should make a business of rescuing people?
  12. That'd be really great if somebody had that... It'll be hard to make though
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  13. I call it being in the safezone under lava :D
  14. I call HQ designer??
  15. Well concept is simple, we arrive at the last co ordinates of the person. Place sand if in lava untill all is gone, then make a hole with easy access (ladders)
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  16. Sounds like my Tuesday night lol:p
  17. Here's Dwight's weekly schedule:
    Monday: Build a graveyard
    Tuesday: Burn in lava
    Wednesday: Use my blaze grinder
    Thursday: Die by blaze
    Friday: Play Dr. Love with some pigs
    Saturday: Dig a giant hole
    Sunday: Talk to Pablo and Steve
  18. Lmao I do love dying a lot but with style :p lol
    And today I was walking around with panda and omeletrice around LLO and I'm only person that will find a griefer hole the hard way, what such good luck I have, and PM me if you and LZBZ need materials for that one thing I will gladly help out you guys
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  19. Cool I will set up a thread soon on details, I will need plenty of gravel and probably fire protection potions