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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Green_Mystery, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. So I was doing my rounds today on all the servers. I checked in on my Sister's res on SMP4 along the way.

    I'm at a loss for words.

    She had trusted too many people with build perms. I warned her not to do it but her sweet innocent mind believed that no one would betray her. I told her to never give container perms, but rather use access signs. Again, she did not listen.

    My heart aches and stomach is queasy with sick sadness and rage. To think one of you guys would do this to MY SISTER. I can only hope burning the hotel she had spent hours investing in and stealing from chests satisfied your sick, cruel black hole you think is a heart. Read this and smile: I will ban you. I have a new-found hatred for people like you. Thank you.
  2. Oh. My. Gosh. This is terrible. This person will rot in the deepest depths of hell. What does your sister say? I feel like it may have been someone. But probably not.
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  3. Hey Mystery

    I'm not on smp4 but if there is anything I can donate to help your sister get her res back up and going please don't hesitate to let me know. My 2nd res is currently my most used one and is located on smp9. I have set up a chest with access for you by my bridge on my res. I don't know your sisters name but if you tell me, I will give her access to it as well. It has some planks and cobble and saplings in it. Hopefully that will be enough to get her up and going again
    I'm sorry that this happened but I'm here to help. Come on everyone, it is time for the EMC community to come together and help someone. :)
  4. This happened to me a couple of days ago. Maybe its the same person. Please list the people your Poor Sister has given flags to. Il try to find a match because my friend also had this done to him, and we had 1 person who was on both our flags list
  5. Mystery, I am also willing to donate, but i would rather donate rupees. Do you think 1000r will be enough to get her back on her feet?
  6. I would also be willing to donate rupees if they would help.
  7. Good idea Click

    I'd donate 1000r as well as what is in the chest. Just let me know :)
  8. Yeah, How much did you put in the chest, Id like to also set up a chest. I do it on your res, just give you the itmes and you can do it.
  9. Green_mystery some people just don't have a sense of good will even though its a game. A games purpose is to have fun, but allot of people especially in shooting games like Call of Duty have people who just rage or "troll" as in ruin everyone's fun for the sake of theirs. Its just sad, I mean would you burn someone in real life and say "trololol"? I don't think so because you'd get arrested and charged with 2nd degree murder.

    I hope whoever did this would burn in the depths of hell and would never get a girl friend because all he does is sit in the computer and troll other people for the sake of his fun.
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  10. The original chest I put down is full. I added one with access for you Click. Stop in anytime and put stuff in itIt is right by the bridge on my res. Smp9, lot 18302
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  11. Im ready to go in with 10.000r to get her started, Just give me a name and a "yes" :)
  12. Find out which people had the build flag perms, and find out who was online between the times of: your sister leaving the server knowing the res was safe, and the time of you coming on finding it griefed.

    Doing this you can pinpoint perhaps 2 or 3 people, you could also estimate how long it has been burning for or find out who made the sign?

    + The person who made the sign used a capital letter and full stops, read the chatlogs of the pinpointed people and find out which of them uses these commonly?

    All of these factors could add up, try them out.
  13. Aw... :(
    I hate it when people destroy other peoples things. I don't have much but i am willing to donate 1000r to help.

    And i hope you find the loser that did this.
  14. I'm going to be mean here, this is your sisters fault. The griefer is at fault and should be banned, but your sister should not have given out perms. This is why I don't give out perms.
  15. this is horrible! that's kinda stupid, griefing a moderators family. mystery, i say... VENDETTA!
    on my bukkit server it shows whenever somebody places down a sign in the console (not chat) and it is apparently vanilla to bukkit. maybe you can get icc to check into it or justin to check into it. or even you if you can look into the console.
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  16. Yeah people are selfish, arrogant, cruel, war-like creatures. It bad enough when you're dealing with such people in game, but a lot worse in real life. I have only one friend in real life - you know, that I can actually call him friend, because I trust him the most, but not 100%, because I've learned you can't trust 100% anyone, not even the most dear friend that you know for 20 years. You can only trust yourself. I am very sorry for you and your sister and I will help if you need.

    Also, don't setting stuff on fire on someone's residence requires certain flag? I'm not sure, but if it does, then this may be of huge help to you finding that !"$%$&"# that did that.
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  17. i think it is build, but it might be use.
    also your profile picture... it might not be the best thing for this topic... just sayin ;)
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  18. Green_Mystery if you could check with your sister and see what materials she needs to rebuild, I would be glad to add to HillbillyBeastly's donation chest. Looks like she had a lot of wood invested, but if she wants to move forward with some other material that's fine too.
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  19. Did he mentioned that this is not his sister's fault? It is and he knows it. He just can't believe that such %$&%&%$ people exist and neither can't I. Well, I can, it's just hard to admit it to myself again and again. It's really sad.
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