I hate netherhounds, especially sicne 1.8

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  1. I hate the nether hounds, especially sicne 1.8 the are much stringer. it's almost 100% sure a deatch.
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  2. But... I love them. <3
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  3. They just want to hug?
  4. Ran into some earlier at an outpost. I'm just lucky I had a second route to pick from. :)
  5. My best method of dealing with them is to carry a couple blocks of whatever in my hotbar. As soon as they howl, I pillar up two blocks, and they can't reach me. I can hit them, even with a sword, though.

    Also, if you need some fire resist potions, send me a PM in the game. I usually have a few DCs on hand, as I hate the nether without them.
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  6. You don't have enough time to pilar up most of the time or hit them. Last kill the appear just behind me.
    The netherhounds are way to stronge in 1.8.

    Best tactic, logout if you don't be dead already and wait 20 seconds.
    Sorry, but that's the only workaround for nether dogs in 1.8.
    In 1.7 you could atack one mabey 2 before dieiing or got some time to run for a shelter.
  7. I believe Aikar has fixed this.
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  8. I kill them just fine without pillaring up.
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  10. I have both had time, and been able to fight them on the ground without a serious problem, all on difficulty 5, all was during a quartz run following the update/reset.
  11. /diff 1
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  12. if you're mining in the nether or doing anything but hanging out at a blaze farm or anything and are NOT on diff 1 then i don't understand what you're doing
  13. I keep my difficulty on 5/6 at all times. Before the 1.8 update, I could easily kill netherhounds, but now they are a bit harder to kill. Not impossible, but harder.
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  14. I nevewr change diff. just using the default diff 5. But since 1.8 netherhounds are way to stronge. you don't change always the diff setting. I see that more like cheating.

    Solution is simple, just adjust the netherhounds so the work correct on diff 5
  15. Maybe it already works correctly, it is just harder than you expected?
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  16. So you'd like Aikar to stop what he's doing and go change the netherhounds instead of using what is already in game cause you don't want to? Doesn't make much sense...
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  17. It sounds like you beter drop diff in nether. never got problems before 1.8 with netherhounds
  18. I have not been to the nether since 1.8, but I assume that they are not THAT much worse. Try Sharpness 5 and Prot4 Armor?
  19. Same i normally pillar up 6 high and start shooting them with bows,luckily some of them explode and kill the others
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  20. I just build 2 blocks up with dirt and panic :oops:
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