I guess you could say that tomorrow...

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  1. ... Apple will be holding all the wheat:cool:
    (too lazy to cut out the white that came with the image (and yes that is a very unstable fan you see behind him))


    These pictures were all taken at live events.

    Yes, I am trying to step on some feet, but all in good fun.;)

    EDIT: This is relevant to the current discussion at hand.
  2. No satisfactory reactions yet. >_>
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  3. Hmm, so the iWheat is finally here, and it can even be used as an extension with the iSheep, which even come in different colors. I think that's quite impressive.
  4. I don't get it? :p
  5. Stupid Apple, why wouldn't you buy the wheat SEEDS? Now you can't make any more wheat!
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  6. You know, I don't get the point of this, but hell, it made me laugh anyway. :p
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  7. Explanation, please? :p
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  8. Calling new Apple consumersZEALOTS for today's event sheep. I think there was some infamous community member a while back that everyone remembered for calling our community this. Urban dictionary calls a sheep in this context "Someone who mindessly follows and emulates anything and everything in the name of fame/recognition..." which makes this most likely a jab at the fact that people are going to love this new iDevice just because of who made it. Everyone will flock to the apple's new wheat (iWatch iThink) because it's popular, like how quickly sheep flock in Minecraft :p

    Or it's a great sheep pun that just went over everybody's head! Who's to say?
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  9. Not new consumers, just the zealots. :p Not all Apple people are crazy.
    The magnificent Copherfield!

    But yes, this is a slight jab at the people who crazy over Apple events, and events in general (but mainly Apple events, never seen such a large group of irrational people concentrated in one area).:p
  10. I have an Ipod touch... 4G, and an old black and white touchwheel one.
    I have a few Droids, various hardware (mainly Samsung galaxy types)
    I indeed am a bit crazy! (don't take an apple to make me cra cra :p)
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  11. You said a forbidden name.. for shame jk.. I wonder hows his "My server going to 10x better than Emc" is going. :p

    Also to stay on Topic... I just hope they fix Iphone 6 IOS system from being buggy. It's not terrible buggy but little things here and there. :D
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  12. Hehe, sheeples
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  13. He got demoted on his own server, and from what I can remember, he also got banned :)
  14. Did you get my PM jkjkjk182?
  15. Guess that's what you called Karma....

    >.> To stay on topic again... I wonder if they debuing INeckless.. <,<
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  16. Yes, I am just terrible at answering them. Expect an answer by tomorrow night.
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  17. I see the appeal in a watch that connects to your phone, but I don't see why I would need one :confused:
  18. My inner Welshman (the one I inherited from my nan lel) wishes to attend an Apple conference one day.
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  19. Alright, didn't mean to bother. Just wanted to make sure, a few of my others didn't make to through to other people
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  20. Who are you talking about?