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  1. [Warning, this is a thread for people that actually think and that it's not an average submissive sheep]
    Hello dear blind empire minecraft players,

    I'm back and only for 1 reason, I want to tell you the truth.
    I was silented by Jeremy because he didn't want me to steal his precious players, I never tryed such things. The reason doesn't stop there, I was banned because Empire Minecraft is a business, and I was stealing it's costumers.

    I know that moderators may instantly come and delete this thread, I don't actually care. If anyone, someone simply reads this my work has been done.

    I would like everyone (including moderators and senior staff) to read this, because I'm pretty disapointed to what happened, if your a mod or a senior staff, please don't delete this thread so fast, at least read it and give me a chance, a chance for a change.

    Empire Minecraft servers are a trademark from Kalland labs (I guess that everyone knows that) but the thing is that EMC has converted Minecraft into their monopoly (or at least they attempt to do such) if we all stop to think, the work that Justin and Jeremy have to do to mantain this business it's not that hard, they setup a model (which indeed took some time to make) modified some plugins and got everything on a server cloud which doesn't cost what supporters pay.

    Everyone on this business say that Justin is the best and they both should be gods, but that's why you guys are blind and it's something that took me a LONG time to realize.

    The EMC servers are not as great as everyone says, there is something that's called the "bandwagon effect" I'm quoting here:
    Well, that's something that happened here. The model basically works fine based on publicity, Empire Minecraft servers are featured all around, from youtube to twitter, from mcserverlist to minecraftopia. EMC has a huge marketing campaign that brings more and more players to the server.
    According to the forums stats, Empire Minecraft has 42,888 players (to the time I consulted) which would be around 0.7% of the whole minecraft player database.
    0.7% mind sound "small" for you, but that's a pretty big number when we consider that EMC would have double players than other "big" servers such as obsidiancraft or nyancraft.
    So, that's the reason why it's so popular, but if you stop to think, EMC has only around 300 players online all the time. So if per hour (1 day = 24hours) 300 players camed in and 300 leave (which I believe it's a total exageration) EMC would actually have just 7200 players (or less).

    The community is not the number 1 priority on EMC, the priority here it's to have the business running 24/7 365 days a year and supporters buying supporter packs daily.
    To proove it, how many times have you made cool suggestions that community appreciates that simply are denied with weak justifications? The truth is that they don't want to have more stuff set in and that the business has a great way to "calm" down players by giving them more supporter perks or more plugins.
    I just saw (for example) this perk:
    well, I'm sad to burst your bubble, but that's noway "awesome". It's called essentials, they got you tricked to think that they think of new perks and stuff all the time, but it's not truth.
    Do you know how hard it's to add that new perk?
    Go to permissions folders --> Find iron supporter group --> add node: essentials.sethome and essentials.home --> Close it --> /manload --> Trick everyone by saying that this is an exciting new perk and that you are always coding complex stuff for people. Obviously it didn't work like that, they added that sethome thing as a listener for bed right clicking, but still, pretty basic.

    I decided to leave because I was tired of this business, I was tired to see that anything and everything I suggested was never important to the people that run this, I was tired to see that people was actually joining the servers to do nothing, because their 60x60 plots where already built in and because their wilderness creations could get griefed simply with no help from staff (which I obviously don't blaim this time) Obviously, some people like the SMP7 colony peeps didn't loose the hope and they could survive to this, but ask them about how many times they got griefed and what it takes for them to protect it daily.
    I decided to leave because I wanted to make a server where people could build freely, on a minecraft world, where the creativity was not limited to a cuboid, where they could get their stuff protected anywhere and where griefers would get what they diserve because of complex plugin networks such as block loggers and usefull staff tools. Yes, you might say "I Wouldn't leave EMC because my friends are here" but if you ask them, they probably don't leave because of the same thing. If you all go together and look for better places, I'm sure that you would see that you could have more fun than what you could on this monopolist model.

    I'm literally working my a** out (yes it hurts after hours of trouble solving and configuration) to make a server that fits a great experiece for everyone. A server that it's based on the community and not in a business model, I'm back because I didn't like how Jeremy attempted to silent my mind with a forums and server ban, we are on a free world, and at least EMC it's on a free country (yes, welcome to the united states)

    I'm not here to promote that server, I don't mind doing that since I know that people knows how to contact me and find the Delta Team if they want, but I'm here to give a shout out and hear what people thinks about it, I know that the first staff reaction will be /ban and /mute and /ignore and such, but I would like to recieve an opportunity to let people think for themselfs and say what they think.

    I give you the opportunity to say "no, EMC it's great because of x,y and z" or simply think about it and change your average routine by changing something in your life.

    If your here to say "you'r just a hater, we love EMC" Just to win a couple likes and believe that your the last cookie of the bowl then go ahead, I don't care about it.

    I know that My voice will be again siltented, and it's a SHAME that I can't spend my time with this epic community, It would be epic to have some people as my staff on my server, it would be epic to see some friends having fun and enyoing. It would be epic to move this community into a better place. I know this won't bring my EMC friends to me, but It's something I faced when I decided to leave.

    Think for yourself, and think what you want. At least in minecraft.

    ~David Copherfield.
  2. I (copherfield) probably got my friend's account (FuNKiillZZ) banned, sorry Funk.
  3. I'm here because I want to. Also, the tree farm at the LLO was griefted, and Green found and banned both griefers in under 10 minutes, so I'm pretty sure the mods do check in on the wild.

    Also, no one said you HAD to build in your 60 by 60 plot, its just there. If you want more room you go find it in the wild.
  4. It's called lava logging, EMC logs lava drops and nothing else. Yes they found and ban the griefers, but the grief was made and you couldn't do anything but build it again.

    Thanks for your post, submissive sheep.

  5. You decided to leave 3 time for 3 different reason's?

    Also Ive visited your "amazing" server where you can build where every you like, walking though a mine only to find that half way though it I could no longer mine it since some one else had claimed the land.

    Also it seems that for your supporter packages you have copied EMC, please get some creativity, it also seems you have missed a lot in the short time you have been gone...

    Also if its so bad and you dont care for it why are you back here? no one here cares for your server and as such you should stop trying to make money and gain players of the back of EMC... its simply not cool
  6. Any one that does not agree with you is a submissive sheep? so tell me David, the people who followed you they are??
  7. No problem.
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  8. Yep, that's about it.

    If you hate the sever, go back to yours.

    Like for you.
  9. hahaha, I made the supporter packs exactly the same (in names and price) to EMC because Delta Team people camed from EMC, so yeah.
    If you wanna talk about creativity, talk to someone that's a certified designer, btw :)

    I don't care about "stealing" supporters from EMC, I only need ot pay $30 for my 8Gigs server and it runs smooth enough for my players. I can pay for a $80/month server If I want. I earn money by making websites (yeah with my non-creative mind I do earn money)

    Btw: We allow /fly mode and tpa's in order to let people build freely. As also, we are planning on making a whole bunch of towns for players to warp around. If you see the MOTD of my server, it says that we are on beta. I'm sorry to disapoint you but I'm the only one that helps myself into making a great server.
  10. I sense self-advertising.
  11. Being submissive doesn't mean "following" someone. It means that they are pressured by a "leader". I'm not a leader of anyone here and I didn't actually "lead" anyone to my server.
    People like Eclipsys or nmanley are my friends and they camed with me because of that, Eclipsys it's an admin on my server because he was part of the fundation and manley it's a great friend of mine 'cause of the talks we had. But they both still play here.
  12. Rofl. It's nice to know how you were dissapointed many times because of stuff I already said. Drop it men, your just defending EMC to get some likes.
  13. This is nothing but a shameless attempt to gain publicity for your server..

  14. Nope. Like Happy said, if you hate us, leave.
  15. I actually never camed back to EMC. I camed back to the community which is different.
    oh and btw, I don't hate you, I hate this model.
  16. I don't need to win publicity for my server. As stated before a couple of times, I don't need more supporters or more players.
    I have myself a great team and my server will be kicking the edge for 1.3 reset.
  17. Its not an advert, he cant even spell came. "camed"
  18. Then why are you here? State your reason or leave, honestly this is pathetic you told us all your leaving yet you cant help but come back here...
  19. EMC is a business, and i dont see anything wrong with that to be honest.

    I myself made alot of money on doing the same thing in counterstrike games, and i dont see any problem in it... It takes time to setup, and after that its a stead income that requires average maintenance and upkeep...

    Server hosting costs somewhat alot of money in EU, i dont know the prices in the US - but i payed about 40-60.000 a year(ish, based on servers being worn down, cooling, rent, power, internet, programs etc)

    And everything over/under that was for me to use on salary to the 5 ppl i had working for me, and then my own cut.

    Its not a multibillionair company, but im sure EMC has a steady income - and i dont see any issues with it..

    If think that the blind man here, is he who can NOT see that emc is a business, and he that thinks anyone is making communities for kicks and giggles.. It might be fun the first 6 months, then other things will take charge of your decisions.. Money, time, workers, issues, updating etc. and some will be procastinated and some will not..

    "If your not paying for it, youre the product being sold."


    I agree that some of the supporter perks are a little bit lame, and over-advertised.
    and that not all ideas are implimented.

    But if i had to listen to all customers wishes, ideas and needs - i wouldnt be here today..
    If you have a good idea, hold on to it untill people wont pay for it anymore.

    And i get what your trying to say mate, i really do.. But i think you have been blind from the start, not seeing that EMC is a business - and when you found out, you got mad.
  20. I'm have no shame for my english, I already work and win money with it.
    You should be ashamed of your weak arguments and the horrible way how you don't think before you act.
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