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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by joshyrocks13, Jan 7, 2014.

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  1. Hi everyone.

    I recently bought an infinite emerald villager for 39k and it isn't working when I put paper in it just doesn't do anything, can someone help?

  2. Is there a big red "X" over the paper trade? If so, that means you teleported away when the trades were recalculating and the villager will no longer work. It's a permanent thing, I'm afraid if this is the case that your villager will never work again :(
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  3. If you leave the chunk that the villager is in before the particles from trading with the villager, the last trade will no longer infinite.
  4. I am an expert on these villagers. I co-owned the first business that made them. here are some posibilities:
    • You just broke the villager. If so there will be a red X when you try to use the trade. If so that means it is broken. You cannot leave the chunk until it is done "swirling" or it will break. Also the same if you trade with it before it "swirls".
    • The person who made it got it wrong. Some people think that it was the 5th trade (no idea why) but it is always the last trade
    • Whoever made it for you scammed you. 39k is ridiculously high.
    • Maybe you just aren't putting in enough paper per trade.
    I also noticed that you said BOUGHT. Does this mean that you egged the villager and then transferred it to your residence? If so that was a terrible mistake. All animals (accept for horses) loose their color, stats, if they are tamed or other attributes when eggified and then set to default.
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  5. Thank you so much for your help

    I purchased the villager from GMW_I and crabcakes200m for 39 000r I did think it was a little over priced but didn't question it. I'm not sure how they transported it to my res but somehow they got it from SMP1 625 across to my res at SMP4. They refused to tell me how they got it there because it was complicated. But do you think there is any chance I could get my money back since the villager doesn't work? There is no X by the way it just doesn't work when I put paper in.
  6. Sounds like you were scammed. I suggest private messaging chickeneer, smooch or aikar about this.
  7. Ohki Doki, but I willingly paid them, I don't think that they did anything wrong apart from giving me a super bad price. Can they be punished for that?
  8. No these type of deals are between the two parties unless lies have been told or there has been a deliberate action to scam.

    I had a look at your villager and couldn't get him to complete the final deal. I tried all the other deals and got red crosses on all those too. I remade a new villager with an infinite paper deal (took several attempts but managed it as far as I know) but he takes 34 paper instead of the previous villagers 24.
  9. Yes, as people said, you've probably broken him by unloading him before he reset the trade, and now it's stuck.

    People really should not call it 'infinite'. Or at the very least, they need to warn people it can break in two distinct ways.:

    1. 34 paper is fine. keep trading it, it WILL drop down to 24 as the trade continually randomly resets.

    2. If it is sold as an 'infinite' villager, then would you call that false advertising? As it's not infinite, it just stopped. Hence, it is finite. (As are ALL such villagers, they will all eventually break).

    What I'm saying is. Perhaps it's not a far stretch to require the seller to replace the villager at the very least, or offer compensation for not fully explaining the product. :)
  10. Joshy? I have never made one that has not work. Either you broke it by what Olaf_C said or you eggified it and are putting the blame on me... I think what you are missing from your post is that you left when I was making it an came back hours later... thinking that I just put a villager on your res and left. I know how to make one - and was never trying to scam you. I have made plenty of Infinite Paper Villagers for multiple people and they love it. Thanks - Crab
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  11. O and btw GMW_I still has perms on your res he just noticed... he got a look at it and it said paper at the 8th trade! so...
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  12. you broke it.

    O and Big Davie's Villager is not infinite.
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  13. Make sure you use the edit button in future :)
    3 posts in a row is quite unnecessary.
  14. Triple post good?
    Joshyrocks, as Olaf_C has said him and myself ran the first infinite villager service. I can do your villager fast and have it be infinite in a matter of 10 minutes. Since it seems like you were either scammed or just didn't follow rules, I will do the villager for free.
  15. As I have never needed to make an infinite villager (why, when you can just spawn in a diamond block pyramid?) I wasn't certain it was. I did do a good 10 or so trades with it not going past the paper trade.
  16. If the trade isn't the 8th or 9th then it isnt infinite.
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  17. That is not completely true. so long as the last trade isn't broken, and you trade it at least once, it will reset all the trades. So if the paper trade was in the say the 4th position, you can reset it each time by trading whatever is in the 8th/9th position at least once.

    And this is what I did to get emeralds to make the more efficient 8th position paper trade villager. I had one with paper in the 7th slot, and glass in the 8th. By exhausting the paper trade + making 1 glass trade, the villager reset, and I could repeat.
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  18. Then it isn't an infinite paper villager in the sense you have to refresh it with another item, not just trade paper.
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  19. makes sense
  20. 39k is ridiculously overpriced, I would have made one and I know samsimx makes them for around 30k (around)
    39k is just ridiculous.
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