I bought a camera that uses diskettes

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What was your first type of camera?

Analog camera. 5 vote(s) 55.6%
(Dedicated) digital camera. 3 vote(s) 33.3%
Phone camera. 1 vote(s) 11.1%
  1. Hi, it's me again!

    I bought a Sony Mavica MVC-FD87, after seeing this video about it and loving it. :)

    It is a digital camera from 2001 that uses floppy disks! When recording in its highest supported resolution, which is 1280x960, it can store 6 images on one diskette. :rolleyes:
    The person I got it off didn't know if it was functional, as she didn't have diskettes to try it with. When I tried it, there was initial disappointment: whatever I tried, the camera kept saying 'no disk'. The YouTuber from the video linked to recommended that I blow some air into it, which a neighbour did with his compressor. After that it started working. :D It's not 100% consistent yet, but it works almost all of the time! I hope it will only get better. :cool:

    Here are some pictures I took on the train travel from my parental home to my own home, this afternoon!

  2. Those are great photos! The first two are definitely my favorite. How does the camera store the image on the diskette?
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  3. Your keyboard piano cover is cool :p And I wish we had passenger trains here in the U.S. :(

    I bought my first DSLR last month (Canon EOS Rebel T7). Here are some of the pictures I took with it. :)

  4. Ah, thanks, my mother made it! :D She grossly underestimated how much work it was going to be when she started it. xD
    The USA remains firmly a car-driven country!
    Personally, I rarely travel by car: it's almost always train, bus, or...

    This is part of one of two bicycle storages at my train station. The other one is way larger and can store thousands of bicycles.

    Thanks! How do you mean? The file type is regular jpg (which modern cameras still use, I think), if that's what you mean. Maybe I should record the sound the camera makes when it saves a picture; you can hear the head move inside the floppy drive, although it's not as loud as I was expecting (and hoping ;)) it to be.
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  5. I have a phone similar to what your talking about. It takes a 3 1/4 floppy disk. Although I don't know why they called those floppy when they were made from hard plastic unlike the 5 1/2 flimsy ones but I digress... I have had it since the late 90's but I couldn't tell you what it is cause it's in a box... somewhere around the house. I still have all the floppy disks in a box too but the pictures have been transfer since. I don't even know if it works anymore. I might have to look for that. Thanks for the reminder I got one. :)
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  6. Wait, a phone that uses diskettes?
    Also, yeah, I agree, that's why I tend to call them diskettes and not floppies. :)
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  7. I think I've found my niche: I am way more inclined to take pictures of things related to trains (or other stuff that uses rails) than anything else. ;) Today I did not have my camera with me (and I am not intending to always have it on me, as it is quite bulky :p) and rather regretted it, as the weather was great and I would've loved to take some pictures out of the window. Although looking through the window will degrade the picture quality, when we ride out from my hometown there are some great sights...
    Here's a picture I took yesterday that turned out beautiful! :eek:

    I also took some pictures in the other bicycle storage that I referred to... I tried to give an idea of the size of it, but it doesn't really work, as it's in different halls... and there's also another floor below it. :p
    Still a neat picture though, I think. :)

    Tried to be creative with it. :p

    I also found that this camera has diamond-shaped lens flare. If any lens or physics enthusiast would like to explain why this happens, feel free to. :D

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  8. Today I went to the station a bit early, so that I could try to take some pictures before taking the train to uni; there were three other photographers on the platform!
    I tried to not be in anyone's shot, but when this guy got into my shot I realised it actually only made it cooler. :D

  9. The title alone reminds me of this video.
  10. That features mine too! It's at the right side of the picture at 3:22.
  11. First proper snow of the year!

    Since getting the camera, I've been learning how to use most of its functions... there's one that I still don't get, though. There is a 'sharpness' setting, which can be set to -2, -1, 0 (default), +1, and +2. I don't see a difference, though... perhaps I should use a tripod in an attempt to take some pictures where nothing else varies.
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  12. I looked for an answer as to what the sharpness setting does and couldn't find it. Even the manual doesn't explain that setting. Maybe it is a way to modify the shutter speed. Try taking a picture of water rolling over a stone in a brook with sharpness set to each extreme to see if it is for that.

    From what I read about it it's a nice camera.
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  13. Thanks for the effort! Yeah, it's weird that it's not in the manual. xD