I am Hanzo

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  1. Well I'm not "new" to EMC as I'm actually Shadow_Dcord. But here is my story of why now I'm called HanzoShimadas. So I was thinking hey why don't I change my name for a day to Hanzo after I found a cool Hanzo skin and was so excited to finally be able to get Overwatch. But what I didn't know is that once you change your name, you can't change it for 1 month, so now I'm stuck with it for a month. So till then feel free to call me Shadow still or Hanzo, but for now Doragon wa anata o mimamoru koto ga ari.
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  2. aaaa spamzo my 3rd worst enemy in overwatch
  3. Widowmaker is worst.
  4. Ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau!
    ^that's what hanzo says in his ult
    and hi renamed Shadow
  5. Oh yes I know that, what I put is something different.
  6. nonono
    I actually have respect for widowmaker ;-;
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  7. At least with Hanzo you get a warning when the dragons are coming at you. With Widowmaker the only warning you get is when dropping to the floor.
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  8. Hanzo with his tree trunk sized arrows :)

    Junkrat is my favorite. I play him hyper aggressive with non-stop spam. 58% win rate over 116 games with him.
  9. Tracer, Reaper, Genji. Loving the flanks
  10. d.va is teh best charachter
  11. Hi Shadow (Hanzo). :) Oh the fun of minecraft and Mojang. :p
  12. Hi
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  13. Ohayo, o genki desu ka? :p

    (which reaches the extend of my Japanese without consulting others :p)
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  14. I love Overwatch! I thought that is were you got the game from!
  15. Genji 4 Life <3 heh
  16. As much as I love Hanzo and all, I gotta admit that I like Torbjorn a lot more. Mostly because I love turrets.
  17. I love overwatch and i play a lot of the characters, and somehow managed to put 39 hours into it already :p
  18. lol, 65 but that equates to about 2 hours a day still :p
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