I Am an Ocean of Clovers....

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  1. ..Well, not really. But I used to live in front of one. One of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.
    Anyone else who's lived in the country knows we're surrounded by oceans that have waves when the wind blows.
    And those are Hay fields, grassy meadows, and in front of my house... A Clover Ocean.

    Short Disclaimer: I tend to ramble and I can't really help it.

    It's nice to meet you all, I've been looking for a friendly minecraft community where Teamwork is centered and everyone is not out to grief or steal from you. I believe Trolling is the saddest part of the internet community.

    About Minecraft Me:
    People tend to think my minecraft personality is much younger than my actual age, but I enjoy getting to be innocent and youthful again, enjoying the fun things. Minecraft is one of my outlets from the real world to de-stress and relax. I love to build small and cozy with attention to detail but mine like a dwarf, with grand caverns and endless hallways. My favorite thing about minecraft are the Wolves and Ocelots you can tame along with farming like a pilgrim.
    I tend to go out of my way to help people, especially when they seem younger. I often give up things I need to help someone else. It makes me happy and I believe little actions can add to a big picture.

    About Me:
    I was raised in the country, a little town no one has heard of before in north-east TN almost right on the Virginia state line. But life and true love has led me to live in Germany where I am a mother of 2 little children and a part-time photographer. I studied IT and Psychology in college as an overachiever but dropped out when I realized I didn't want to be in debt the rest of my life and didn't need a degree as a status symbol. I am in my late 20's and often play minecraft with my husband AlaundoOcean.

    It's a pleasure to meet you all and I can't wait to get started in game.

    TLDR: I'm in my late 20's and play minecraft to relax from real life where I'm a full time mom and part time photographer from Germany. I often play with my husband AlaundoOcean and love to help people in game.

    And this is a Clover Ocean

  2. Finally I player I can relate to a bit, I know exactly where you're coming from (well, the idea that is, I have no idea from which country and all ;-)) and yeah. Same applies to me from time to time. Sometimes my posts end up to become essays, oh well :)

    Yes, where are my manners...

    Welcome to the Empire! Nice to see a new face I can relate to a little bit. So yeah, about EMC: it's definitely a server where teamwork can really influence things. I won't shower you with strange commands and difficult things, but I'd still like to point your attention to the /invite command. This allows you to create a group between players, allowing you to talk to each other no matter where you are (regular players cannot use town chat in the wasteland, only local chat) and even better: you also get to earn XP and tokens for doing stuff together (provided that you're close by, if you're in one end of the wastelands (mining world) and your husband in the other then this won't apply).

    I won't bother you with going into tokens and all that, that's better checked out in the wiki or the tutorial or when you feel ready to check up on them, but I'd definitely like to point your attention to /invite.

    Griefing and stealing isn't allowed on the Empire nor is it possible when you're working on your residence. Your own place is fully protected, no one can touch your stuff unless you give them permission to do so. Even your animals are fully safe. There is always a slight risk for griefing when venturing into the wilderness (waste (mining world) or frontier (building / survival world)) but it's still not allowed and punishable.

    Still, it doesn't really happen all that often, generally speaking EMC forms a pretty tight community which tends to look out after each other. But of course there's always the exception to the rule ;)

    I got a hunch that you'll fit right into our community :)

    Right, a pleasure to meet you and I really hope you and your husband are going to enjoy it here. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask (there is no such thing as a stupid question, and trust me: EMC is huge where commands and such go) so yeah :) Hope to meet you in-game sometime.

    .... and it seems I did it again :D But yah, that's what happens when I start talking about something I really enjoy (such as EMC). Oh well ;)
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  3. Shel has covered it all... as always :rolleyes:.

    Welcome to EMC, pretty much everyone is able to and willing to help if you have any questions about EMC because its such an awesome and... weird (watch out for smp8) server. :)
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  4. Welcome to EMC! Pleasure to meet you. I myself am an adult who plays on emc as a way to de-stress. I stumbled onto here almost a year ago because of my son. Just 2 days after signing him into emc & checking it out with him (and on my own with his account) I bought my own MC account just so I could join EMC.

    I'm usually found on smp9, but recently I have started a project on Utopia. Feel free to pm me on forum or in-game if you need anything or have questions.

    Edit: By the way, I think ShelLuser will surpass you in the "ramble on department" so don't worry, we are used to it. (No offense, I like your ramblings Shel;))
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  5. Yay! I like it here already. It's nice to meet you too! I love people who have a lot to say. :p
    It's also nice not feeling like the odd-one-out. Haha. Thanks for the tip about the groups feature. That's fantastic!
    I absolutely adore the way the chat is set up so far... A lot of the servers I've been to previously have a completely flooded chat-system. Which in my opinion makes things feel less inviting because it just seems very impersonal.

    Thanks for making me feel welcomed AmusedStew! Your avatar is awesome by the way. :D

    And is also nice meeting another de-stressing adult on minecraft, haha. I think it's awesome you play with your son. My oldest is 3 and we just started her on some retro Mario games. (I think it's really great for the development in small doses) However, I can't wait until she can join me in something like Minecraft. I'll hate having to be a good mom and limit her playtime on it. Haha.

    Anyways, Thanks for the warm welcome! Awesome to meet you!
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  6. Fantastic intro and welcome (home) to the EMC family :)
    If you ever need anything or just want to chat please send me a pm or just come get me in game! See you soon. :)

    *edit - Nice profile pic too, we will get along nicely
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  7. Dude, I thought we were tight. That hurts.
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  8. Welcome to EMC, I know you will love it here, because anybody that gives us a chance wants to stay. :)

    I am surprised nobody has asked the big question: What SMP are you calling 'home'?

    With 9 different 'servers' on EMC, there are a multitude of different environments and cultures to choose from. One of the things that surprised me the most when I first joined EMC a year ago was the difference in culture and even lifestyles on different SMPs. Everybody has a place that they can call home on the Empire.

    The SMP I call home is SMP7, which has a semi-active community (sometimes we can be really talkative, but sometimes we like to be silent workers). Other SMPs can be quieter, and some can be louder. SMP8 for example is what I like to call the "Las Vegas of the Empire."
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  9. Yep, and smp3 is the death valley of the empire

  10. Careful Toade, she is a friend, not a snack!
  11. I should hope toad's dont eat frogs :confused:
    But I am evil, sooooo
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  12. Well if you want a group to join you can always join the outpost of luxily a German based outpost built by an Englishman with a German name and an American who lives in sweden
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  13. My appologies, I'm on my phone & at first quick glance I thought it was a bug, not a dart frog :oops:
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  14. I think we will! Ironically, I used to go by the name of EvilFroggy.
    If at the very least, we'll have a favorite meal in common. ;)

    I'm not actually settled yet. I started out in SMP3 but then moved to SMP1. I guess you could say, I'm moving around a bit looking for a place to call home. Thanks for telling me about the server personalities, I figured it was just about lots and spaces! This changes a lot now.

    But I certainly agree that SMP3 seemed like death valley. :D

    Is there an area on the forums that talks about the different SMP's?

    Sounds like we'd be on the same timezone, that'd be nice! Can you tell me more? I'm very interested. I'm not exactly sure how groups work or what you mean by outpost, if that's a name or a classification?

    Again, thanks for all the warm welcomes! I'm super happy to be here! ^^
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  15. Alright, jig is up. I know this is your alt, ShelLuser!

    Kidding, welcome to the Empire!
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  16. Which timezone are you in?
    Group litrally is group
    An outpost I the nan of an established fronteir base
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  17. Btw I'm in GMT timezone
  18. It's not a bug, it's a feature! :D

    (sorry, sorry, I SO could not resist this one) :p

    shhhhttt.... :eek:
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  19. I'm GMT+2 and thanks for clarifying that! I'm still learning about the frontier. Haven't read up on the wiki about it yet. There are just so many amazing features! I've ventured into the wilderness, "hunted" some animals, unclaimed at least 2 residences! Haha... :p
    But I'm most certainly interested in your outpost/group!

    A person can play in the frontier as well as the town servers right? Or do I have to pick?

    Comedy Pure. xD
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  20. Hi CloverOcean. Welcome to the Empire. If you are still looking for a home, stay away from smp8, although I suspect (and I don't know why) you may end up there. Enjoy your stay. :)

    Edit: Yes you can have a town residence and an out post in the frontier. ;)