I’m back…

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Would you be interested in applying to join the MPO if I got it up and running again?

Yes, I would love that! 1 vote(s) 100.0%
No thanks, but thanks for the offer! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. …and my mom probably will be soon, too. I may even bring a friend or two with me; I’m still not sure whether they’ll end up joining.

    I’m the alternate account of We3_10AC. I’m one of the four original founders of the Minecraft Paradise Outpost on SMP6 (along with AnimalGirl120, BreezyMan and zBugle) and built two botanical gardens on SMP6 in late 2018 as a farewell gift. (However, I may upgrade the res 12097 garden and turn 12098 into something else.) The capital of the MPO, Paradise City, is centered 40 kilometers west and 24 kilometers south of the main SMP6 frontier spawn, with direct nether rail access and indirect (via an inter-city nether rail system) access to an ice boat road. The MPO has every biome that was added before 1.13, excluding some of the rare modified variants that got removed anyways. In addition to Paradise City and some villages and rural areas, there are also multiple other towns/cities, including Classyville which is meant to be a modern tropical city and was named after ClassySenpai (a former outpost leader).

    I joined as We3Mosses very late on January 2, 2015, when I was 11 (soon to be 12) years old. My We3_MPO account joined in November 2015, although I forget what day and under which name. The Minecraft Paradise Outpost reached its prime in 2016, and my activity did with it. However, the outpost suffered a decline in 2017, and I took a brief break that summer. The outpost continued to decline in 2018, although I dutifully stuck around and tried to help it rebound and keep the government running. My immaturity as a 15-year-old sent me away, and I was failing anyways (even Scarmanzer left around the same time I did). After a few months to cool down, I returned very briefly to open up most of my reses to more active members and convert two of my remaining ones into botanical gardens as a farewell gift. I was determined to never return, even as Echelon815 (my mom) and FadedMartian tried very hard to convince me. Safe to say, I learned the hard way that some people are best avoided, and it’s not my job to try to teach or persuade them. Only the prospect of one or two of my friends possibly joining a server with me (one being my best friend and current love interest) finally convinced me to return at age 19.

    Nonetheless, just because I was determined not to return doesn’t mean I wasn’t tempted. I know that I and two other former leaders were pretty corrupt in the MPO’s early and golden days, and I’ve wanted to undo as much of that damage as I can. I also want the government to be more able to function, even if most of the citizens are inactive, by having elected leaders that represent active members and a time limit for votes. If my British and/or Indian friend(s) join(s), I’ll most likely grant them MPO citizenship too rather than just membership, ensuring they could return at any time without having to apply a second time and have leadership rights even without being elected by regular members. (In addition to the founders, Echelon815, FerretArez and finch_rocks_1 are also protected, trusted citizens due to their contributions to our outpost.) Also, JohnKid and any other leaders at the time I left will be offered one-year terms from this day forth if they’re active and want them, with eligibility for re-election if they remain active and no term limits.

    TL;DR: I’m an old, once-active builder and major outpost founder/leader that left after making terrible mistakes and came back after a few years. This is my alt of We3_10AC.
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  2. Welcome back!!
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  3. welp i am going to say i SUCCESSFULLY convinced you to return then ;)

    welcome back m8
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  4. Welcome back!
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  5. We've had a bunch of old EMC members return in 2022 and tbh I'm surprised you didn't show up sooner, I was thinking about you the other day and wondered when I'd see your "I'm back" thread :p

    Welcome back :)
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  6. Welcome back to the Empire. Long live smp6!!!
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  7. Welcome back, We3! I'm happy to see you around again. I hope you enjoy being back. :D
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  8. We3!!! Long time no see!!!

    Welcome back to the madness... err I mean EMC :)
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  9. I was also wondering if you would be back! How are you doing? :)
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