Hurrican Sandy-stay safe all.

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  1. Northern Ohio here. Street's flooded, been up since 1am trying to get the 2 inches of water in my house outside. still have power, gas, and internet, for now. Wind gusts up to 52mph. wish me luck
  2. I lost power for like 20 minutes. I consider my family really, really lucky

    :eek: People actually thought that??
  3. If the hurricane/sub-tropical cyclone wants to get me, It's on the wrong side of the U.S.
    Stay safe everyone.
  4. I know about that. My dad said he was almost crushed by a tree that day.

    Oh, and also, Sandy isn't a hurricane anymore. She's on the verge of death.
  5. Had you not said that, i would have thought that was a good thing!
  6. Well, this storm is rather fierce but a death toll of 16 is a positive mark for FEMA and the local government enacting SOE and evacuations early. Sorry to the folks who got hurt and killed and had their lives turned upside down but at least you didn't get left out to dry like they did in Louisiana...

    Now we just have to see what happens when we get our new president, which wont happen until I am in Rehab so I don't know if I need to go AWOL from the U.S. or not just yet.... Kidding of course. This place is falling apart but at least it is still home, a very dysfunctional one but a home...
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  7. Northern NJ here. I'm in a place that has wi-fi right now, but I lost power for 3 days, and it hasn't returned yet. 90% of NJ is without power. Fortunately, there wasn't much flooding, but a pine tree ripped out of my neighbors yard, snapped a telephone pole, and ripped the power cords off our house. Pretty bad over here.
  8. Several years ago - We got hit with a really bad Ice Storm here in Kansas. I don't live in a large city, but we were without power for many days just because there were so many other people that needed help more urgently than us. It was weird coming home from school (which had power) to a home without. But it all worked itself out.
  9. At least, Sandy didn't hit the Minecraft world.
    Could you imagine if...
    Jk, I hope you all who live in the US are well :)
  10. I miss the winds and the cool afternoons already....

    Shame on you Iran for sending Sandy the storm to attack the U.S. That wasn't very nice of you.

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