Hurrican Sandy-stay safe all.

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  1. I made your post a lot shorter.
    Next time, please don't make your post so long. :)
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  2. the river by my house is starting to fill its banks. and we are supposed to rain tonight, and all day tomorrow, not sure how much this river can hold :\
  3. I am happy we had school off today and have it off tomorrow, but the stupid storm prevents me from going to the Assassin's Creed III midnight release tonight. Oh well, guess I'll just have to pick it up tomorrow.
  4. We have had that already. Its not really non-normal
  5. I went outside to take footage of the storm. I was filming it on my $200 720p Camera (It's like 3 years old so that's why it cost alot)...
    Well I was adjusting my hoodie and then the camera went flying. I didn't even try to get it since it was yay up in the air.
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  6. I hate it how Gamestop canceled the Releases.
    They really don't care about the safety of people! They just care about publicity and making money!!!
    Why can't they just be truthful for once?
  7. Are you serious? I just highlighted your post and didn't find the gray text. All you people so worried about not being able to go buy games are making me want to headdesk.
  8. Our blizzard is getting way worse - cause, now the power is flickering ... so if i'm not on - cause i have no power :p
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  9. Well I'm pretty safe but I am pretty worried about these giant pine trees right next to my house but surprisingly we haven't lost power. p.s. I live in southern Vermont wich is on the edge of the predicted path.
  10. that was rude, you don't know where i live or what kind of conditions are here..

    ... and it is when you live in the town i live in, and it can and will flood the entire valley.
  11. I'm in Maryland, and it's hell here. My Block is flooded, 7 inches high. Maryland has declared a state of emergency.
  12. My Cousins shared this on facebook.
    They live like 3 blocks away.
  13. come on down to virginia yank ;) we have lots of room lol (literally)
  14. My gray test is so well AHHHHH NOI POWR okay its back on as i was saying my gray text is so hidden it's a part of the message.
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  15. i would think it hard to evacuate 2 mill people (estimated #) but wow really hope it don't get that bad over there

    even that area is alot of people sheesh

    hmmm my parents live in Warrenton, VA., will have to call and see how they are doing. glad i found this thread, i tend not to watch the news to much, too depressing :(
  16. i live in canada near theending place of sandy so i will just see snow and wind
  17. you know that thing were you can send a message if your going away if you do tell them in head of time
  18. Screw that
  19. Fresno,California the only place you won't find anything like that other than the earthquake that happened 2 or 3 weeks weeks ago i think but it was weak and effected nothing but i wish nobody gets killed or injured good luck to everybody there where the hurricane is happening ‹—‹ <l
  20. I am sure the mods will consider the power outages, and no one will lose their residence because of them.
    Also, I'm pretty sure that since we are in the midst of an update, everyone is immune to the derelict policy anyway in case they updated early.