Hurrican Sandy-stay safe all.

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  1. So Hurricane Sandy is pounding the east coast and I was just checking in making sure everyone is safe, also if you of updates on the storm post them here.
  2. i'm still getting parts of it - and a blizzard ... i'm supposed to be getting 2 foot of snow soon, the lowest being about 1 foot ... as of now it's about 26 Fahrenheit outside ... 100% humidity ... and about 30 in. pressure .... and pouring the snow
  3. West Virginia?
  4. Im in the UK. Im safe :D
  5. regular virginia - i live in the appalachian region ... i own land in both russell county and washington county both, about 500 acres ... i live in lebanon ... which is near abingdon and bristol
  6. Didn't NYC Get evacuated?
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  7. I'm in the UK, i'm safe. However, if you happen to see this:

  8. In North Carolina, I live 30 or 45 minutes from Atlantic Beach. We're still getting rough winds, it's still cold and we're supposed to still be getting rain.
  9. God . . . I dont have shelter :p

    Might as well run away from the hurricane lol
  10. God . . . I don't have shelter :p

    Might as well run away from the hurricane lol
  11. Only manhatten in nyc is evacuated. It's not bad in the country part, well away from the city and lake Ontario, I've only got a bunch of wind and rain. Nothing big yet, but my school is closed for the time being.
  12. His internet must be playing up (Maybe the hurricanes blown down the cables!)- He posted that twice on this thread
  13. Looks pretty rainy and windy from where I live, thankfully the no school gives me a little free time. Stay safe everyone!
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  14. Safe in Tennessee! Just kidding, we just had some hail so.......:p

    But seriously, this could very well impact the election. If most of the people in Virginia can't go out and vote Mitt Romney will loose Virginia.
  15. I'm afraid of the storm of causing a power outage due to fallen down power lines. If it takes more than 10 days to repair the all of the power lines, I would have my residence deleted just because I had no way to get online.:eek: This hurricane is like the last obstacle before anyone that is affected by hurricane Sandy has a chance of getting a Wii U home console, and I'm one of those people. You can see how much effort I could loose by this storm from these screenshots of my residence below. I hope I can tell someone of the Empire Staff to protect my residence from the direct policy.

    Meeting Room
    Wheat Farm
    Potion Selling Area
    Auction House
    One of the Hotel Rooms
    Another Hotel Room
    My developing Spleef Arena
    A third hotel room with an End theme to it.I have been working on my residence since March of this year and it's still not done.:(
  16. Please stay safe, I am by the west coast and I am in a land locked state, so I hope you are well.
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  17. Message ICC or Shaunwhite or Maxarias if you need your res kept on hold
  18. I just got my power back after about an hour.
  19. past 3 days striaght - my internet has been going on and off about like once every minute or so
  20. Even if I had the $350-$400 to blow on one of these, it would be the last thing on my mind and i'd be more worried about food and shelter and all that.