Howdy! [5x10k rupee giveaway]

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  1. Howdy!

    Edit: Thanks to everyone who signed up, but the giveaway is over now. Congratulations to the winners!

    TL;DR: I'm back, and I'm going to try and finish the Sassy Smooch map. I'm also giving away 50k: Pick a number from 1-100 and put it in your reply. Once all the numbers are taken, I'll select 5 of them to receive 10k each. No need to post anything else unless you want to! Just reply to this thread for a chance to win 10k!

    Edit: If you want to help finish the Sassy Smooch map and know how to use the Schematica mod, please PM me!

    To those of you who actually put up with my walls of text, I sincerely thank you!
    It's a bit late for this to be a "traditional" introduction, but what the heck, let's give it a shot. As some of you may know, I once made a little promise to finish a certain map depicting a certain moderator.
    Basically, I was given a hundred thousand rupees, and I promised to build a "map art" of the infamous Sassy Smooch picture.
    I have not since finished the project.
    In fact, I've barely even played since then. I made a commitment but didn't follow through with it, and that's not okay, especially since I was entrusted with such a generous gift from EdmundWayne.
    In my defense, I've been busier lately than ever before in my life. I recently got a part-time job, and am in the final year of my physics degree. Still, I've had plenty of recreation time, and have simply chosen to use it for other things.
    Now, I think it's time to finish what I started, and pay something back to the community. I don't have 100k anymore, but I do still have 50k, and that's something (if you're curious, I already have all the needed materials to complete the map, so I don't need the rupees). And so now I'm giving 50k away to you, the community of EMC!
    Now if you've known me for any length of time, you know I've got a bad habit of pursuing projects bigger than I can handle. On EMC alone, there are probably at least 10 big things I never actually got around to but told people I would. I don't want the Sassy Smooch map to stay as one of those things. I don't want to be remembered as a thief or a con artist, and I definitely don't want to keep something I haven't earned. So now I'm going to try to commit what time I can to finishing the project. It may only be an hour a week or even less, but I have to at least try. If you'd like to help, I'll post more info about it on this thread later.
    Okay, enough with the serious stuff, here's a bit about me (pretty much my "life story" on EMC, so get comfy):
    I started playing EMC/Minecraft a few years ago, just after I started college (it's amazing what possibilities open up when you're no longer limited to dial-up). I was immediately hooked and sunk countless hours into the game. My first attempts at economic success were as a melon and sheep farmer (I think I sold stacks of melon for 1-2r and sheep eggs for 5r each). I made a few thousand rupees, and at the time I thought that was pretty good. My res was ugly, unorganized, and covered in dirt. It did have one unique feature, though: an egg-throwing game where you tried to get an egg into a small target while riding a minecart. The minecart moved in circles at lag- and vomit-inducing speed, and you could barely see what you were doing. It was kind of fun, but I feel pretty dumb now for advertising and charging for the thing. I made one good friend at the time: GwVSchilling. He was digging out his res, and offered me my first job: I got 100r for each 20 minutes of digging. He ran out of money quickly, but we finished the project, and the underwater Atlantis Hotel was created (sadly, I don't think it's there anymore). At the time, villager breeding was disabled in town, so villagers were getting hard to find in the wild due to eggification. We had the crazy idea of finding an untouched village and hiding the entire thing under a layer of dirt so that no one could find it with Livemap. Really dumb plan, but hindsight is 20/20. Besides, it was really fun.

    Eventually I started a new res and began my first "real" shop: a small potion shop selling every kind of potion available (at the time) in the game. I actually lost money buying the ingredients, but I got a kick out of being "the potion guy" on smp2. I even made a book about brewing potions (on that note, if you somehow still have a copy of my potion guide, let me know! I'd like to have a copy as a souvenier :)). Around this time I decided to become a diamond member and claimed a few more res's. On my 3rd res, I decided to build a skyscraper, and called it "SMP2 HQ". The plan was to build something different on each floor, until I reached the 256 block limit. I only built like 5 floors in the end, though. There was an awkward redstone archery game, a scale replica of Pallet Town from the Pokemon games, another location for Brew4U potions, a tree farm, and a redstone mini-game based on the treasure chest game from LoZ: Ocarina of time. The mini-game won 3rd place in chickeneer's redstone contest. I remember it was right around when the 60k member custom items came out, because I blew all my prize money on them. I also started making map art for customers. It was fun, but extremely time-consuming, so I eventually stopped taking requests.

    Sometime around then I decided to build a base in the wild. Me, Gabrielrocks69 and another player (can't think of the name atm) went a few thousand blocks out and built a modest underground base with a few mob farms. We made a little bit of wealth, but what really made it fun was planning and exploring with friends. Later on I decided to join a more formal wilderness group, The New Republic. I loved the political aspect of it, though to be honest I didn't spend much time in the actual area. I got really into making well-thought-out posts on the group's thread. Soon I became a "government official" there, and I enjoyed thinking up new governmental systems. After a while though, I was spending too much time solving problems on the forums, so I decided to leave. It was fun, just stressful. Later, I decided to become somewhat of a hermit. I took a very relaxing weekend and traveled 300 thousand blocks out into the smp6 wild, taking no items with me from town (Netflix made the long boat rides waaaaay more bearable). I set up a base, and my smp6 character is still out there.

    I was in college, and for one reason or another I had trouble making myself do my school work. I decided it would be best to give up Minecraft and cut all economic ties to EMC. I gave away all my rupees and items, and destroyed everything on my res's. I stopped being a diamond member, and for months I didn't come back at all. But eventually grades stopped being such a problem, and so I decided to come back. Despite my abrupt and unannounced departure, I found that members were still happy to see me return. Before long I built my wealth up again, and soon I was (somewhat) back to my former wealth. This time around, I made my current potion store, The Brew Gloo (res 4500), and actually finished the building. Soon after that I promised to create the Sassy Smooch map, then ended up getting a part-time job, and now here I am!

    I know that's a lot of information for one sitting, but there are so, so many more stories I could tell about this server because EMC is awesome! Minecraft is awesome! And no matter how many times I quit, I always come back because I love this game, and I love this community. For better or worse, EMC is a part of my life and a source of countless memories. So thank you to everyone who's made EMC what it is today! It's been a great ride, and I hope there's lots more left to see!
    In conclusion, I say "Howdy!" to those who don't know me. To those who remember me, I hope you'll welcome me back, and that I'll see you around on the servers. And to our wonderful staff, I say "Thank you!" for your amazing dedication to the server. I especially thank Aikar, whose faith in and vision for EMC has allowed it to keep going so long. You rock, man! Finally, I thank iSMOOCH for putting up with my laziness in finishing the project. Hopefully, I'll be able to give you a monument worthy of how awesome you've been to the community.
    Thanks for reading, and be sure to choose a number!

  2. 1 - EquableHook624
    2 - JJtheWise
    3 - OmegadustMC
    4 - JoxBax
    5 - Laurenseattle
    6 - Happpygirl
    7 - AceGamer7
    8 - AllisonAA
    9 - BTHarrold98
    10 - MocoMiner
    11 - PineappleGem
    12 - NerdyMonkey3000
    13 - tuqueque
    14 - _AquaRain_
    15 - 607
    16 - xXMetrosXx
    17 - templecrafter
    18 - High_Jacker
    19 - adondrabkin
    20 - nfell2009
    21 - Rainbowpony1000
    22 - BabyCreepersRule
    23 - 4d_m1n
    24 - Huckleberry24
    25 - havioxs
    26 - bytemage
    27 - colepuncher
    28 - Ultimamaxx
    29 - Lockdown32
    30 - Richard4861
    31 - NamiMay
    32 - Dragonhawk32
    33 - tingaring
    34 - MoeMacZap
    35 - meerkatman1
    36 - DeathLands
    37 - jacob5089
    38 - L3A8
    39 - shanekas
    40 - andrewmatic
    41 - JeffreyLi2003
    42 - ShelLuser
    43 - NetherSpecter
    45 - Elystian
    46 - MatthewDA
    47 - Dj__Krazy
    48 - chaselesniak
    49 - IKINGI_Astro
    50 - bobbytwolegs
    51 - Pab10S
    52 - ruari342
    53 - azoundria
    54 - GameKribJim
    55 - FDNY21
    56 - DatzMine
    57 - KlopTheFish
    58 - Sunny_Chicken
    59 - cadenman2002
    60 - Evesthery
    61 - mercenaries2009
    62 - boozle628
    63 - tinykate1
    64 - Petero555
    65 - Vile_1
    66 - _Bugsyz_
    67 - VolcromRaptor
    68 - lottie1664
    69 - Mirr0rr
    70 - iamfuturetrunks
    71 - Torian42
    72 - Agent_Creeper23
    73 - Lucas3226
    74 - DeathLands
    75 - HappyBento
    76 - SkydragonV8
    77 - FWRonald
    78 - XxE3choxX
    79 - DragonXaI
    80 - itsanicesunnyday
    81 - Jelle68
    82 - Deadmaster98
    83 - Lachlan61
    84 - akela132
    85 - AussieZaid
    86 - BuddaJulez
    87 - SrgtRedstone
    88 - itsanicesunnyday
    89 - Qwerty189
    90 - Kyzoy
    91 - bloodycrap101
    92 - minecraftmya_1
    93 - snow_freak
    94 - Laurenseattle
    95 - daftpunkfan101
    96 - mman2832
    97 - Emilyblank
    98 - Rain90009
    99 - jjp360
    100 - testman12345
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  3. 89 please :)
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  4. 52 pls
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  5. 9001... oh wait no numbers OVER 100... so ill pick... 100
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  6. 40 please :)
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  7. 7 please
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  8. 18 Please (meh lucky number)
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  9. Welcome back! :D It honestly really surprises me how thoughtless (is that the opposite of thoughtful?) these replies are.
    I have indeed not seen you in a while, but I hope you'll find time to be more active again!
    Thanks for the story, it was a great break between school work. (Yay for iPads, I can finally keep myself up to date with EMC while at school ;))

    Edit: Totally forgot, my number. 15 please :)
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  10. Welcome back!:)
    24 please ;) (Hopefully you understand my choice of number :p)
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  11. Welcome back eskimo of superness...I can't wait to see what other map arts you create =P
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  12. 99 Please! Welcome back!
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  13. 21 please :D
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  14. 23 Please! Welcome back :)
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  15. 25 please
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  16. 34 please. I have a Jimi Hendrix map I think you created.
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  17. Welcome back! :)
    Cannot wait to see that masterpiece of map you're going to create :)
    Number 73 please
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