How to make Auctions

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  1. hey guys theo here :D um i am just wondering how do you make auctions i tryed once but it didnt work :( so can one of you plz tell me how to make an auction

    Thxs ( Theomglover3rd ) Theo ;)
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  2. Silken is right up there, but a little more info can never hurt so...

    Auctions are held in the Economy section of the forum. There are 2 types: regular auctions (you provide items and players can bid to buy it) or reverse auctions. This confuses some people: now you're not selling items but you're buying them. You basically say "Ok, I want x items for y price" after which item sellers can 'reverse bid' on your auction; they're trying to sell the items to you, optionally cheaper than the others (if more people reverse bid).

    Warning: To prevent cheating you can not edit your messages in the auction forums. So be very careful while making an auction, once your message is posted only the staff can help you with changing it (if something does go wrong just report your post, explain what's wrong and a staff member will help you out).

    Now to refer to the posts Silken mentioned: you can only auction off specific items. Basically most regular Minecraft items as well as special items such as promo's. In general you can auction items in a minimum quantity of 1 DC (double chest). Exceptions being enchanted items, promotional items, etc. The complete list can be found using the URL's which Silken already mentioned.

    Warning: When selling certain items, such as enchanted items, be very careful regarding the rules. When selling horses or enchanted items you're required to specify the statistics of every item you're selling. So, say you're selling a set of "god armor" then you need to specify the enchants on all items (helmet, chestplate, leggings & boots). More info in those posts (those are a must read if you're going to participate in auctions).

    I don't want to sound overly dramatic, but the rules are important; to make sure that we all enjoy a fair game.

    SO in short: collect the items you want to auction off (lets say 1 DC of Enderpearls), then make up a starting price as well as a minimum incremental price. Finally you need to determine how long the auction should run. For example "24hrs after the last valid bid".


    Item: 1 DC of Enderpearls
    Starting price: 500r
    Incremental price: 50r
    Auction ends: 12hrs after last valid bid

    This means: It starts at 500r, so the first bidder must bid at least 500r. If someone bid 500r then the next bidder must bid at least 50r higher than the previous bid. So, lets say 1 person bids 500r, then the other bids 675 rupees. Now the third needs to bid at least 725r or higher (675 + 50).

    If a third person bid (lets say 730r) and no one else has bid after that the auction will end 12 hours after his post.

    Tip: If you're confused about time and such then it can help to use It has a time calculator. Also: hover the mouse over the time stamp of a post (at the bottom of a post) and you'll see the time and date when it was posted.

    That's roughly it. Some things to keep in mind: only auction participants may post, only an auction hoster may bump his auction (small post to move the thread back to the top of the forum). 'Bumps' may only be done once every 3 hours.

    And that roughly sums up the most important details of an auction.

    Be warned: I didn't include every specific rule here (on purpose ;)) so be sure to read the rules which Kryssy posted in the auction forums.

    Hope this gives you a rough idea about the basics.
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