How to make 1.8 your own Obsidian Generator, No beacon needed

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  1. Here is the tutorial, i suck at videos and this is simple enough that i can explain it using pictures. this is the timing i use for with or without a beacon, the beacon doesn't speed it up as much as Efficiency 5, which is necessary for this timing, producing a stack in 4 minutes.

    Start with this setup.

    then add 2 hoppers for item collection, leading into a chest, and a wire from the emerald block

    then add this clock to the dispensers, i marked the repeaters with numbers so you can see better and the only comparators that need to be on are shown as such.

    Then link the yellow wire to the clock using 2 torches and carry the signal across 2 dust to adjust the timer to countdown from 15 and then trigger and reset the timer.

    Finish by adding 2 signs and a fence around the water source dispensed, the finished product is a pulse of water that wont spill over, synchronized to pulse the lava and pull the empty bucket.

    optional, if you have trouble hitting the circuit, you can raise both blocks and dust to help prevent it slightly.

    If you have any troubles, post a picture and i'll try and help here, if it can't be in this thread (highly unlikely) then I will help you personally. Hope this helps bring back obsidian to our economy and helps put some rupees into players' pockets!
  2. i like it! can you do a world download?
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  3. 2advanced4me
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  4. not until i get home to my pc with winzip, but if you wanna see it on emc, i have it unearthed at 9856 if you wanna inspect it closer or want a demo until i can post a world download.
  5. Ha, I can't believed I botched the title that bad last night, haha, goood times... welp, heres a world download, but just a few warnings before you judge it, in singleplayer, if an obsidian block isn't harvested and the clock triggers the item lava bucket will dispense through the obsidian, this does not happen on emc, if it did I would've gone with an update detector because that would annoy me to hell and back if i had to load the same bucket twice, even once. and even though i say no beacon required, that is under peak conditions, no lag, it is a very "on the edge" timing, so to test it, put in exactly 64 and see if you end up with a stack, if you consistently fall short of 64, lemme know and i'll post how to adjust it to wait 2 more ticks a cycle or simply add a beacon for extra cushion. Enjoy!
  6. This is good stuff! Thanks a bunch for taking the time to write it up & sharing it. And no kidding: I am going to try and recreate this on my Utopia res soon enough. Awesomeness, I love it when players share tidbits like these with the community :)
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  7. The next day:
    Breaking News: The Price of Obsidian has bottomed die to this "Obsidian Generator", recently designed by a scientist who goes by the name "Apocryphan."
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  8. I will definitely build it (even though I am a noob at redstone)
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  9. How do I download it? lol
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  10. nice!
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  12. My new pastime.
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  13. OK, so I built the machine but I have no idea where to put my buckets and such. Any help?
  14. Dispenser...
  15. I'm not attempting it for i will fail miserably.
  16. *facepalm*
  17. Just built it, where do I store my lava? lol

    EDIT: Do I just add hoppers and chests on the top dispenser?
  18. Question: What do we do if our red stone ability ends with being able to craft a red stone torch?
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