How To Dispose Of The Body

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  1. How would YOU do it?

    I, personally, would tie the sliced body parts to helium-filled balloons and release them while next to the sea. In regards to the weapon, I would melt down small specks of the knife into legs of lamb and sell it. Yummy yummy. Geepers, my mind is a little sick. BUT I BET Y'ALL MINDS ARE EVEN WORSE! (That IS a challenge)
  2. The way Dexter seems to do it seems rather efficient. I'd go with that.
  3. Um throw it in the Mariana trench on an explosive anchor.
  4. the only way to know you are going to get away with it is to eat whoever it is whole
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  5. Acid guys. Ya need acid.
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  6. That is rather efficient. I would go with that.

    Slice of Cow.

    Anybody find it suspicious that he posts this thread
    Is A Leg Of Ham Worth A Human Life?
    And now a thread about disposing a body?
    Are you not telling us something?
  7. Why not dump them in the ocean? Come on guys use that brain
  8. they will just get pushed to shore
  9. Not if you tie stones to it and dump it in the Gulf Stream.
  10. except ropes decay faster then bodies and parts tend to float off, tellin ya the only way to be sure is to eat the person. ive thought about it forever
  11. Chop it into pieces, feed it to the cat/dog/kids.
  12. o_o

    Hmm. If it was Friday or Saturday night, I could dump it at the bar next door, since it would be busy and there's always drunks in the parking lots.

    There's always the phosphate plant with acid...But that would involve breaking and entering, trying not to get caught cause it runs 24/7, and other junk...

    There's always fields and things from the surrounding farms.

    Why do I need to hide a body in the first place? :confused:
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  13. You always hear stories of people being hurt/killed in farm accidents, throw them into a grinder and say they tripped in.
  14. You don't, because that's morbid and terrible.
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  15. Weekend at Bernie's...obviously
  16. I believe there was a murderer who chopped his victims up and fed the parts to pigs.
    It completely got rid of it.
  17. That's how they did it in 'snatch'. Awesome movie, btw
  18. so we're gonna get the NSA on our butts
  19. Body in a wood chipper and spread it across a farmland and let the animals eat the remains. Than (quite obviously) power wash the wood chipper.
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  20. Go to the South Pole and bury it.