how to delete old threads?

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  1. I'm kinda looking to delete alot of the old stuff i posted on here... most of it i find downright cringy and am looking to start fresh. anyone know how to delete a thread?
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  2. Deleting threads is something only staff can do. Threads and posts don't really get deleted unless there's something in there that breaks EMC rules. Even then only the offending posts get deleted. I'm afraid you'll have to stick with the stuff you posted.

    (You can try requesting deletion by reporting said threads, I don't think they'll get deleted though.)
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  3. Depends. Although what Wardle says is true there's a little more to this: you can delete your own posts. So every post in a thread is yours to delete, no problem. Just look them up, find the 'delete' link and wham.

    Threads are another thing (as Wardle said) but even that is more or less doable by editing your messages.

    But if I may... why bother?

    A Minecraft community is all about growing and learning. For everyone. Trying to hide your past doesn't change anything, and I think you should reconsider doing this. Don't give it much attention and instead proof that you're no longer that cringworthy dude of the past. All it takes is, well, simply changing your ways.

    For the record: I've only been here for 2 years or so and I also have my shares of posts of which I'm not exactly proud. But that's what I did, who I am, deal with it :cool:

    Seriously.. don't look at the past, but make a new future. I know how clichéd this sounds, but its true. Especially on the Empire.
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  4. As the two said above.
    We can only close your old threads via report request. Its rare occasion that threads are deleted on Emc forums. What happened in the past happened no need to look back on it.
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  5. thanks man.

    i agree... but also, this exists:

    i'll probably forget about it in a day or two lol
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  8. i was on maximum hormone that night lmao