I feel like I just flushed my life down the toilet

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  1. Okay, I'm really miserable right now. Bear with me and I hope I don't say anything really nasty.

    So I had these emulators on my phone for SNES, GBA, and Nintendo DS games. I could get any game I wanted for free. Now before you go saying that's illegal, let me clarify that it's not. I even checked with my older brother (he's a cop) and he said it was fine. I've had these emulators for about a year now. I had played so many games on them and my iPhone became one of my most major gaming devices. And then today, I did something really stupid.
    I downloaded iOS 8.1.
    Everyone had told me it was slow. But I decided to update. Why? I don't know. I was being an idiot. Anyway I download it and start playing around. Then I decide that I want to play EarthBound and I open up the SNES emulator.
    It crashes.
    I open it again, and it crashes. Suddenly I realized what I did. I remember seeing a thing on the emulator site that said "DONT UPDATE TO IOS 8" but I never paid it any mind. Now it's too late. They're all broken. I'm still sobbing. Basically, I just threw an entire year of my life in the trash.

    Is there a way to un-update?! Or does someone know how to fix this?!?!?! Please. I'm desperate, I'll take anything I can get.
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  2. By the way, I said my life in the title. Didn't mean that, meant like two years. Which is still a lot.
  3. I've done stuff like that before too, although not as quite of an extreme case...I feel sorry for you. If it makes you feel better, realize that there are far more people out there who are flat-out addicted to stuff and can't move on without it. You said you threw a couple years of your life away, well if your case was really that bad you wouldn't realize that this just happened to you, you would assume if would be your life's destiny to get those emulators back. But you're not like that, so don't get too down.
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  4. Thanks. I think my only hope would be that the emulator people make something that allows you to play in iOS 8.
    I just think it feels like a it deal because I sink so much time into playing these games. With video games, I'm OK if I sink my time into games as long as I can always be able to play them. Now that they're gone... Well, I estimate I played about five weeks worth of playing. Beat every Final Fantasy game on the consoles. Now they're gone forever.

    I wouldn't really mind if my progress was gone, even. Just want them back. I know I'm addicted, but honestly, without video games, life would suck. It's sad, I know.
  5. We're all sinking in useless time into Minecraft, only problem is that half the people who play it don't realize it...I had a game taken away from me for 20 months (probably the best decision by my parents) since I was sinking too much time in it, while playing it and away from where I played it. It took me 20 months to realize "There's no point in sinking time into it" and what do you know, I got it back. Just start applying that principle for the time being while trying to find a solution, and eventually you will either get lucky and get it back, or you won't get it back but you'll realize that you don't need to sink in so much time to it. You won't be like some people who cry themselves to sleep every night once they realize that a solution isn't available, partially because of their own lack of self-consciousness to the real world. And in their head, they won't find the cool new game that they'll want to try out just for fun, they'll cling to the past. But you don't need to do that. You can make this decision anytime you want as well, but I suggest you make your choice before you receive any news, not after.
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  6. Firstly, it is technically illegal. That being said, I couldn't care less lol. :D You can always download the emulators for your computer if you are willing to put the time into them again.

    As for going back to a previous iOS, you can't. Apple denies you that right in their never ending battle against those who want to rightfully get the most out of their purchase (aka Jailbreakers).
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  7. Wait till the pangu jailbreak is put of ot isn't already, there's a way to downgrade on it
  8. Uploading the downloads is illegal, but downloading them is not. I didn't know this up until about 2 years ago. I spent most of my life as an 11 year old playing Sonic and Knuckles for the Genesis (I think? I never understood SEGA consoles well >.>) on an emulator thinking the Police could bash my door down at any minute and arrest me.

    Obviously, that's not the case >.>

    You could wait for a jailbreak to come out, but then Apple will deny you the right to have your phone fixed unless you un-jailbreak it. Alternatively, you could just download some emulators and games for your computer.

    //Isn't this thread against the rules, by the way? :p
  9. I'm quite sure that it is not the emulator that is a problem. It is the ROM that you load into it since that is usually licensed material that's been ripped from media that someone (might have)bought. If you are playing old stuff, it is likely the people who own the license could not care less.

    To move forward, you might look into buying a used iPhone with an earlier OS on it. There are also PC emulators. I'd just pull the ROMs off the phone and play that way. There is also the option of just moving on and you may have to anyway. You might discover this was holding you back from finding something you enjoy even more.

    I think there is no such thing as wasting time. We are all spending our lives doing something. What matters is whether we consider our time to be wasted or not. I heard a story the other day where someone was making a point about need and greed. They said you could invite a man out of the cold and give him a meal and a coat and he'd be very happy. But if you gave him ten coats he would not be ten times as happy. What most of us really need is enough to keep us healthy and secure and we should all pursue that. I feel that the idea in our society that we have to work, work, work and walk over others in order to amass a pile of wealth or build some sort of legacy/monument that will outlast ourselves is really the pursuit of an illusion, the cause of a lot of our unhappiness, and a waste of time.
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  10. This ^ is so much true.
  11. You can't downgrade. And I don't want to help you anyway, because I absolutely hate what you're doing here :)
  12. I'm not sure if it was changed.. but I downgraded from ios7 to ios6 once. I just did some research on it
  13. this is the definition of first world problems. hope you're able to realize that and move on.

    ps. you can probably buy the actual console for next to nothing at a garage sale and get the games you like to play.
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  14. Use of a ROM to use on a device other than intended is legal only so long as the person using the ROM actually bought the original software the ROM is ripped from. Example: If you bought "Sedentary Lifestyle IV" for (insert game console of choice here) then it's cool to use the emulator and ROM on another device like your phone.

    Not having purchased the original but possessing the ROM for use with an emulator constitutes participation in copyright infringement no different than if your music collection was made from CDs and MP3s that were ripped from a source/media you don't own.
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  15. If I own the first Hunger Games movie, but then I lose it, so I download a "free" copy from a website, is that legal? No. Whether or not you were in possession of it originally does not change its legality. The legality is determined by how you get the file and what the file actually is, not the conditions of your private life beforehand.
  16. Wow, lotta responses.

    I've gotten used to the fact that I just can't play them anymore. I guess I just had to...
    *puts on pixelated sunglasses*
    Deal with it. :p

    I realize that now. There are people starving in Afganistan and I'm whining that I can't play a game anymore.
    Then I guess about half of the ROMs were fine. I basically downloaded what I had, mostly because my old systems were broken.
  17. On the topic of whether time spent on video games is wasted:

    Time spent doing something you enjoy is time well spent, and the only reason I see that anyone would say otherwise would be to comply with the silly social stigmas which exist around gaming.

    I view gaming equal in esteem to sports. What's the point in sport? Having fun? So why should fun be any less in value if you do it sitting down, or within your home? Also, like sport, it is possible to specialise in a game, and participate in e-sports. There are people who play Call of Duty, LoL, and other games, and it's their job. They make million-dollar prizes from it. That sounds like a pretty damn effective use of time to me.
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  18. Can't you just wait for an IOS 8 support update by the app
  19. I agree totally. I'm tired of my classmates saying I'm lazy just because I don't do sports. I write, and play video games. Sports have never interested me. Scientific studies show that video games also sharpen your senses and sometimes teach things such as survival skills and hand-eye coordination. I think I only said I wasted my time because an was angry. Who's to decide what's wasted time and what's not?
    Wow. I actually never thought of that. :p

  20. Don't worry people are making emulators for iOS 8 since it such a new update people are still working to figure it out completly within the next 6 months there should be serveral emulators out for ios 8 just don't update your phone in the mean time