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  1. Disclaimer: This is a loaded post. Although I do respect the rules in general I also have a personal beef with hiding certain information out of fear that people will abuse it. Because my personal stance in those cases is simple: instead of taking it out on the messenger (who also adds to raise awareness by providing proof of concept) get rid of the evil doers instead. If you don't have the manpower to do so; try get more (easily said than done, I know, really).

    I feel very strongly about this and shared my opinion. This is also as far as I'm taking it and I will not accept anyone to dive into this. I'll ignore and optionally report. Lets not go there people. This is my ballgame, not yours.

    EDIT: I'm not saying that I don't understand why EMC is doing this, I actually do, all I'm doing is venting that I don't like it. No more, no less.

    Because lets not forget one very important matter: this is not real life, this is mostly a voluntarily effort and most of all: staff does try hard to be fair. I am critical here, for sure, but not unreasonable. EMC has gained waay too much respect from me for that.

    But I will share this. And I know this is not pretty.

    I sincerely respect the new rule about the event chests. In all honesty it only saddens (and disgusts!) me that players would actually stoop this low to take advantage of other players.

    Within that context I applaud the new rules. I do have some personal hiatus with getting moderated for repeating things which I saw both Aikar and Kryssy say (here, I've said it) but rules do change. I do not like what happened, but all I can think of is: "Gee, this is a much bigger problem than I could have imagined", and that saddens me. I don't like being moderated, I shared my issues, I do respect the taken actions. I'm clear.


    I know I'm playing the devils advocate here. And the only reason I do this is because this IS an issue with new players. One I've seen many times. Honestly (no bias): I can almost see this happening every week.

    So I do need to ask: Why is it still ok for EMC itself (/shop) to "misinform" players (not making it more obvious that /shop is overpriced) so that they risk losing a LOT more of their money (within context) than the current event chests would do? In my opinion this shouldn't be too hard. Even a message sign buried under the /shop spawn point would do the trick.

    It feels a bit double edged here...

    Disclaimer: I am being very critical here, but don't even try to use my post as leverage to start a bash or flame fest because I will personally and relentlessly report every post I'll find. And I can be quite the fanatic.

    Disclaimer 2: I am quite the critic but I still love EMC as much as I did yesterday. And the day before. I don't hate, but I will be critical if I feel I need to. But if I do: with all due respect. I'm a critic, not a fanatic. Well... not when it comes to criticism, playing on EMC otoh... :D

    I honestly don't like posting this but in this case I feel that I must.
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  2. They could probably put a sign somewhere in /shop that says the prices are extra high (if they don't already), but I'm not sure /shop is even mentioned in the Tutorial, so it's unlikely players will head to there first. Honestly, the Empire Shop provides the economy from going out of control with high prices, so it needs to stay high. I'd say a sign or a hologram is the best that they can do in this case. :)
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  3. I try to warn new players that /shop is often overpriced. Many people will try to help inform these new members that shop is extremely overpriced. I do agree that it needs some sort of warning about how player shops are cheaper, or as HashHog3000 said, use a hologram.
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  4. True that. My comment isn't aimed at the prices because I couldn't agree more. My beef lies with "mis" (my opinion) -informing new players. So in my opinion it should be more obvious that /shop is overpriced.
    Thanks for your comment!
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  5. I swear there used to be a disclaimer in the res message...
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  6. I agree, a shop tutorial, or a few signs in the empire shop telling people that the shop is a last resort wouldn't be a bad Idea. Whenever new people join, they make a few shops of their own, using empire shop prices, and then get offended when you explain that to them. This would be a big help.
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  7. +1 I guess?
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  8. I recall something, maybe multiple places, mentioning its better to use player shops too? We could add an entry message sure.

    As every regular is aware, I am pushing for controlled inflation, so the empire shop really goes against my goals =P But its not like we can drop prices to 'fair' values or that destroys player shops.

    We much rather a player go to a player shop than the empire shop, so not against ensuring its known to new players.
  9. I Agee completely. I wouldn't say that the Empire shop is scamming or taking advantage of anyone intentionally. But a warning to new players upon arrival would not only make people more likely to interact with the community, It would also help discourage them from selling wool for 1000 r per stack:)
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  10. I have not been on here too long. When I went through the orientation it did tell me that the shop was overpriced so I knew it when I started. I'm just saying I feel I understood that from day one.
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  11. Thanks guys. I had to blow off a little bit of steam (not directed against the EMC staff, mostly at myself) but in all honestly I do think this is an important issue to address. Looking back I think that I once again chose my wording a little poorly here and there (I obviously don't want to insinuate that EMC is scamming players because not).

    Anyway, I've had my vent, thanks for the comments. I'm requesting this thread to be closed because it served its purpose.
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  12. Closed by request.
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