How this happened?

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  1. Today I won a stuff mob arena and I got this
    Someone is able to tell me how a sword can have those enchants?
  2. book? not sure thou #illuminaticonfirmed
  3. wow now that's rare!
  4. If I were to guess, it happened because somebody dropped it in Mob Arena and you happened to win. Case solved. :cool:
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  5. Wait... is that Highlancer's Fingernail? ( Had to watch Jack's stream to understand )
  6. Books. You can add any type of book to any type of item.
  7. a book can have multiple enchant but a book cannot put an enchant on an item that can't have this enchant by using enchant table
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  8. yes it can
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  9. Dibs
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  10. Some of the kids at school say that. Is there something recently in pop culture that has brought a resurgence in this phrase? (Illuminati confirmed)
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  11. Yes. A dead horse. I hear some people love beating it.
  12. Well, Obviously the Illuminati is responsible for this.
  13. Well you can just say magic happens but if you want the real answer I guess you have it. And what if I told you the illuminati is actually really boring. They were scientists trying to well bring to light the oppression of the people and trying to show that religion wasn't right with everything.
  14. We know - at least I did - that you can do that in creative mode. Heck, in creative mode you can even add enchantments to unenchantable items. What we didn't know is that it was possible on regular survival, like on emc ;)
  15. it worked because you were in creative
    try in survival
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  16. Will do after the event
  17. Confirmed, does not work.
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  18. Then we've got a case for Mulder and Scully here
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  19. Is justa hit, just like the chuck norris moments. 5 years ago