How much does this bug you?

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How much does it bug you?

10 (I obsess about this every day) 5 vote(s) 13.9%
9 2 vote(s) 5.6%
8 1 vote(s) 2.8%
7 (It bugs me daily) 4 vote(s) 11.1%
6 0 vote(s) 0.0%
5 2 vote(s) 5.6%
4 (Every now and then it bugs me) 6 vote(s) 16.7%
3 1 vote(s) 2.8%
2 6 vote(s) 16.7%
1 (I see no problem) 9 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. So... Voters Gear.

    The gear belongs to a Voter, correct?

    We can also agree that apostrophes are used to show possession.

    The items are named Voters Gear.

    Do you see the problem?

    So... where's the apostrophe? It should be Voter's Gear, right?

    Do you see it now? Do you hate me for pointing it out? If both answers are yes, then this thread has achieved its purpose.

  2. Just pushing to get Aikar to put in an apostrophe now... >.>...
  3. My grammar is as bad as the next guys so it doesn't bother me much.
  4. Fixed that for you. :p

  5. (It's okay )
  6. Penguin, how could you!? Now i'm going to freak out any time I see that. :confused:
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  7. I noticed this the first time I got the Voter( ' )s gear, but I never felt like pointing it out. Anyway, most people think apostrophes are used in plural words, and some just don't use them at all. The way a lot of people use them, you might a's well ju'st put them before every S in your sentence. It honestly bugs me less when they don't use apostrophe's than when they use them wrong. (I put the apostrophe in apostrophes on purpose, just making a point)
  8. It seems we have a grammer nazi in hour prescence...I like what i sea :)
  9. I laughed too hard at that then I should have laughed at the sentence.
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  10. 10

    There are also several grammatical errors in the messages that the server gives you in the chat.

    "Player has joined, last seen moments ago" should be "Player has joined, and was last seen moments ago."
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  11. I am going to argue that the armor does belong to voters, but it is only obtained by voters. Hence the name voters armor. It is armor worn by voters. It becomes voter's armor once someone takes ownership of the armor. :)
  12. First rule of English: Their our know rules
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  13. I think this is one of those silly things that can't actually be fixed because Code Reasons (I remember an issue with similar items as well)
    Could be solved as "Voting Gear" I suppose, if you don't mind giving people the impression your gear voted for you. :D
  14. Quick question, how is that a grammar error?
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  15. That is why they made concatenation (combining multiple strings)

    Usually though, use quotation marks " " on the outside of the string, to be able to include exclamation marks ' '
  16. Well, it's gear for voters, right?
  17. Yup. It is called Voters Gear because voters wear it. I believe it is grammatically correct. :)
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  18. I know Aikar can edit items after release, but I cant remember if hes able to edit the name's. >_<

    That said, Id say the apostrophe missings just a bit of Aikar showing through. :p
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