How much are elytras worth????

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  1. I am just curious how much elytras will be worth...
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  2. I'd guess roughly 20k.
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  3. My guess is 20-25k when it is released, maybe 15-20k.

    Once the price settles, my best guess is around 15-20k

    • Elytra are non-renewable
      • Are plentiful
    • Elytra are repairable (cheap, too)
    • People may want multiple for the SMPs
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  4. I wouldn't be surprised to see people pay 80 to 120k for them next week. After all: ocean monument blocks and sponges also started out to be massively expensive but over time the prizes also dropped heavily.

    Oh good times when people charged 2k for a sponge ;)
  5. Same, I would expect more around 40-50k the first week. Its the same for all new items, currently on EMC enchanted books cost about 100-500r each but I expect Mending and Frost Walker to rack in about 1000-1500 each book (back to the prices books used to be pre-1.8).

    All ocean monument stuff (basic blocks) used to get like 20k a DC. The only block that hasnt really changed in price much from an update (it has a bit but not tooooo much) is quartz.

    I expect people to even pay more for endercrystals (already crafted) than for ghast tears. And dragon heads... I can see those going 80-120k the first few days.

    Only sad part about this update is that it is on a holiday so the server will be FLOODED (everyone thats in school still will be off that day). But, I guess its better that everyone gets to enjoy the benefits right away.
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  6. I don't think that's sad, it's going to be cool! Better check up on your supporter status because otherwise you might not be able to play on your home server! :)

    Ok, that might be overdoing things a bit but even so... The more the merrier. I personally can't wait to reboot my 'Highway to Mesa' project again ;)

    Hmm, maybe I should bump that :p
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  7. I don't think the price will sink below 50k any time soon.
    Finding it does not require only time, but also some skill.
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  8. The skill of not dying.
    Ahh, one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite movies.
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  9. The skill of not dying is easy... The skill of killing a massive dragon is another thing.
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  10. True. But what would be most handy to have is another Elytra, then you can swoop from one island to the other to find more ;)
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  11. Not when you have 6 people doing it!
  12. It's still not easy, you need a tower and have to correctly estimate the needed height.
    And you have to decide if you really want to risk the elytra. :)
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  13. It just happened to me that elytra stopped working between two uses - in SSP, I think after I passed through a portal from an outer island back to the main island.
    I was wearing it all the time. I jumped from the portal, pressed space, but it didn't open.
    Tried again - nothing.
    Tried taking it off and wearing it again - nothing.
    Tried from higher place (20+ blocks) - nothing.
    Tried another, unused elytra - nothing.
    Restarted the game - it worked again.
    Probably a strange bug.
  14. The item has its moments... especially in SMP as I have seen.
  15. Wait now that someone mentioned it can't u craft endercrystals?
  16. You can...
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  17. not the good kind ;)
  18. I'm not really sure, but I'm guessing around 20-60k. I know it's a bit much, but it's a flying machine!!