How many /vault pages do -you- have?

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How many /vault pages do you have?

50+, I am the /vault master! 6 vote(s) 7.7%
Between 25 and 50 8 vote(s) 10.3%
Between 5 and 25 38 vote(s) 48.7%
Between 2 and 5 16 vote(s) 20.5%
Only 1 9 vote(s) 11.5%
What's /vault? 1 vote(s) 1.3%
  1. Hi gang!

    I can't take it any longer, the pressure is just too much! Must. resist. Must. not. /vault expand

    Well, now that I've typed that command in here I suppose I can just as well copy & paste it into my game, where's the harm in that, eh?

    <fwaps self>

    Erhmz, sorry about that. SO yeah, its not that I'm addicted to vault pages, that's just silly. I just like to keep my storage tidy and sometimes a vault page can be a very easy thing to have around. Especially if you're often busy moving items around in town. But it's not as if I'm adding vault pages whenever I feel like it. That's nonsense...

    So just to give you guys an impression, this is my current setup:

    1 and 2 should be obvious, three is used for my enderpearls and 4 for cobble. Well, I guess that was also kind of obvious. 6 is my redstone tutorial project, seven to store materials for regular builds I'm either working on or helping out with and 8 is reserved for my own projects. 10 for enchanted books, because my book chest because insanely filled up with stuff.

    Oh cool, I just remembered that I mined one stack of obsidian this evening by using redstone. Well, I don't have any choice now; this calls for a new vault page :D

    So, how many do you guys have?
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  2. 32. All filled with random crap.
  3. A friend that left EMC had 50+

    Personally, 5
  4. same here, think I have 10 pages and it's just random stuff. I keep saying I'm going to sort it all out but I never do.

    We should do a huge "random crap in vault" drop party
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  5. 2 thats it >_>
  6. My thinking is, I only need what I will use. Personally I have 10 pages.
  7. And ItsMeMatheus to the poll rescue! Now we can finally vote the way I intended it. Thanks again Mat!
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  8. 7
    All of mine are full of garbage
  9. I've got 5 pages full of absolutely useless stuff, and 1 page full of absolutely useful promos. =P
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  10. 14...sort of organized. From time to time. Usually 1 page for whatever I'm obsessing over at the time. 1st page is always my gear vault.
  11. 20, all organized. I want more but I'm saving my rupees for frontier land purchase.
  12. None. I don't like having promos hanging around, so I sell them.
  13. Only 1 page?! I have 3 just on promos lol.

    17 in total on my main account, and then 5 on my alt (just for free vault access xD)

    All but 3 of my vault pages (promo ones) are filled to the brim with useless garbage and random things that wouldn't fit into my equally messy inventory and/or chests littered around my residences
  14. I got 5 pages.
    None have names.
    Page 2 is from a giveaway, page 1 from a mining operation (lots of dirt, ender pearls and clay, I believe), 3 is promos, 4 promos and random stuff, 5 random stuff from mining and drop parties. I only have a few slots left, but only about 1 1/2 chest usefully used. :p
    I really should sort it out once, but I never feel like it, for obvious reasons. (I'm still a few issues behind on the inkstain too :rolleyes:)
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  15. lol I "only" have 1 :D and it's always empty.
  16. to answer your question, Too damn many
  17. I've got 5. Good enough for me, all the other random junk gets thrown in a chest and forgotten about.
  18. I have 18, 1 is full with promos, voters gear and voters rewards. But I also have either 14 vault vouchers and 10 stable vouchers or I have 10 vault and 14 stable (can't check from work...), either way I could have a bunch more. I pretty much only use them for transferring stuff around then empty them. Number 18 is my new page for promos and good stuff.
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