How many alts do you have?

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How many alts ya have?

None 12 vote(s) 28.6%
1-2 15 vote(s) 35.7%
3 or more 15 vote(s) 35.7%
  1. I was just wondering as smp4 was talking about alts... How many do you have? Post yr exact ammount in comments :D and vote!
  2. PenguinDJ
    And access to one more that I use for secret stuff. Not mine though.
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  3. So, Zikko, 8808, CheffNub (Tahitan), and Brandtitus. (Famous Players, I hope :p)
  4. 4
    My 4th account i- ah not so fast that is a secret :p
  5. 3 - HeyaMoe, Wolf_Co (going to change his name), and AustinAmpharos (changing his name too.) I'll be getting another soon though.
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  7. 5 alts = BevK56, B3vK56,BevK_2, B3vK_2, BevK56_2 and also have alts evedYHVH, RemnantBride, himboy13, damagejoe, and jons_da_man that was given to me by family members!
  8. So 10 in total. ;) I only have me FWRonald. :oops:;)
  9. I have four accounts: UltiPig, AltiPig, iUlti, and a secret one. I don't get on the last account very often. :)
  10. They are not your alts x'D
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  11. Yes :p
  12. Zikko has three alternate accounts: 8808, ChefNub, and Brandtitus.
  13. Non famous player here....


    And one account no one knows lol. I log on with a different ip from that account.
  14. I have 2, This one and a secret one...
  15. xHaro_Der

    And access to 2 more that aren't mine.
  16. just me and Savage_fire