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  1. Hello Members of Empire and it's staff members,

    I figured you wanted a meme but I will not provide that since this thread isn't about that. I'll be explaining about something that some members don't like talking about and I would like your spiteful opinions out of this thread.

    Alright, after being almost back for a year now I can see things a lot clearer than I have almost 10 months ago. I still see that the major updates aren't moving much as I suspected from many gripes about Dragon Tombs not being worked on since 2014. I got the impression that dev team works on more "Bug" fixes than major updates. That impression of Development team is still holding true with me. I know that they want to make EMC bug free but you wonder why we are #12 in TOPORG, no progress that set us apart from other plot servers. Sure we are diverse with 9 Smps and a supporter server. We have other mobs that vanilla doesn't provide, cool! But how long will that be interesting? Major servers (Will not list) adapt new game modes or features apart from Minecraft Vanilla making their server more appealable. Mabey either stop working on Bug fixes in MC and actually move towards features?

    Alright done griping about the features let's move onto the community. Community has been a large part why I came back. I found categories and subcategories for each player.
    1.New Players (Less than 6 months)
    2.Well-Seasoned (6 months-3 years)
    3. Veterans (3+ years)
    4. Staff

    1. Weirdos
    2. Opninioners
    3. Money-grubbers
    4. Promo-collectors
    5. Residence Collectors
    6. Over the top Builders
    7. Easy goers
    8. Hardcore Farmers
    9. Figure Heads

    Many I see are in the "Well-Seasoned" Category and many are Opinioners which they wish to have their opinion heard than shot down with one hundred people watching in the background. I've had this experience before and I am quite angry of how it was dealt with. Instead of my opinion being regarded, it was spied upon the major figureheads (Kryssy & Aikar) than moved towards a private chat. It's highly degrading when the majority that look at your opinion as ridiculous when the figureheads post something against it. People look upon Staff and figureHeads with the highest honor and you should treat it with utter most respect for people who want to make EMC better.

    Let's move onto another gripe of mine and I have noticed it more so on UHC today. Staff members have different tolerances for rules. Some don't do anything, some do something but it wasn't given the right amount of punishment, and some just go over the top. I have two members in mind. RainbowChin ffs dude when people don't listen use your staff powers. You were given those privileges for a reason there isn't a reason why you need to hold back. iamcavie, you had a griefer in MM, sure you banned them but for 5 days but seriously? Griefing should not be tolerated and should of been dealt with a permanent ban. You quote, "I wanted to give them a chance to change for the better" Your giving them a slap on the wrist and saying stop it. What happens if that player doesn't learn and causes a larger problem? It isn't fair for members that were rightfully perma-banned to members who committed the same offence getting 5 day ban.

    I'll post more issue if they come up. This was in my mind.

    Oh yes of course I forgot why I was writing this, SkarCboi noted about the recent changes of farms. Empire Minecraft is advertised as "Play your way" how can we play our way when there are updates that are going against playing your way?
  2. I agree, when people see "celebrities" make a decision it dictates their own decision.
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  3. EMC will never be #1 on the server lists because we are a niche.

    Most players want factions or mini games, neither of which we provide or going to provide (games world isn't "really" mini games)

    For a server that doesn't provide those, we are doing very well.

    But for bugs and other things... Bugs cause players to quit. you were here for 2012, that should be very clear. 2012 was rough and the worst year EMC had. The player counts went up a giant cliff, and then fell off a giant cliff as players got fed up with bugs and performance issues as the server was not reliable to play without lag or risk of things just disappearing.

    Then theres also the experience aspect. we have constant new players, who need help understanding things. if the experience is broken, they quit. making improvements there lets us KEEP players, which lets us move up the ranks on our positioning.

    If we "put those off till later", what about the 100k players who join in the mean time who needed those to get a hold of the server?

    Everything requires balance. The other devs on the team is going through an IRL slump busy wise, making it mainly just me.

    I also have to worry about the business (Tax time right now), as well as servers (as you saw the crash last night, and then the website had an issue today).

    when I feel like IRL is too hectic at the time, i cant start a bigger task, so I work on the smaller tasks, so that we make SOME progress.

    Then when things calm down, we make another big push on a big item.

    It's just a bad time right now, but things will come as they can.
  4. My friends didn't stop playing MC cause of that, it was because they bought MC in a wave, but then realized that they didn't like the game...
  5. Your crash was due to a bug and yes those are priority, please focus on those bugs that affect lag and connectivity issues. That isn't what I mean by "Stop working on bug fixes". I mean your "bug" fixes that work on the "Vanilla" aspect of the game. Why not take poll of what you actually fix? Instead of these threads popping out saying "WTF Aikar the hell are you doing behind your keyboard" ASK your community first before doing it because your bias is affecting all of our gameplay.

    Sure we will never be #1 but we can get closer if you work with your community than against it.
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  6. Obviously I can't speak for Math but I still can't help wonder... Maybe the ban reason did indeed say something about chat issues (can't tell). But it seems also likely to me that those 5 days could have been set to give you all the time you needed to fix that compromise problem without it affecting the server or yourself.

    Have you tried to PM him when you had everything sorted out to ask him to remove the ban?

    There is of course another problem. Staff disciplinary actions always have more sides to 'm than is being shared. For all I know you could have played more often from school leaving staff with the impression that it could also have been you who did all that. There's always more to those things than a mere right or wrong.

    I agree with you on that one. However, in this particular case its too early to comment. If this player turns out to be a repeating offender then there's something bad going on. I'm not going into (too much) details here (have screenshots though) but it has happened more often (at least one time I know off) where a griefer got a temporary ban. I quote the ban reason: "Seriously, after all the signs and notices, u still griefed... We dont tolerate it here!". Said ban only lasted for 4 more days and 15 hours when I came across this. However, said player is now derelict and gone for 48 days.

    So although I agree that temporary bans for griefers seems weird, the end results which I've witnessed so far have been the same: they didn't come back.

    For the record: <snip> => follow up edit after OP's edit of the matter.
  7. I banned him due to the extremely inappropriate nature of the chat and because I noticed his IP had changed from his previous session, so it was likely a compromised account issue.

    He did PM me explaining the situation and I lifted his ban. I stand by my decision, a mute doesn't do much in a compromised account situation.
  8. Sorry, blurred out of that situation. Yeah I understand your judgement call thanks for bringing that up.
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  9. Baaa....

    Myself I fall into the Vet category and a few of the sub categories. You also lost me when your analogy went toward WW2.

    Of course the staff are going to have slightly different perspectives - that's the beauty of EMC - variety but with a common goal. I for one am glad of the 'new' mute - (in my day) that wasn't an option.

    Dragon Tombs has been a myth for much longer than you have been around. Perhaps the myth has been pushed a little bit too much at times - but I bet if someone ever finds truth to this myth we will all be doomed by what really lies inside.

    I suggest continuing to play the game your way - the staff are doing a wonderful job getting the community involved and 'stable'.
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  10. There more points than staff related. You can comment on those as well. If you consider "stable community" not including members opinions as such for farms then no we are not.
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  11. With a community this size there will always be a 'minority'. Sometimes they can be a force - other times a bother.

    I love some of the farms I've found while travelling around - I'm fairly certain I'm in the 1% of 'distance traveled' to see something or explore. I am but ONE person however - EMC needs to be accessible and 'stable' by people who just want to build something in town and never leave the 'safe zone'.

    I would simply ask that you provide some points about how you think changes could be different - then remember that not all will be able to be implemented due to X, Y, or Z. The points can also be made without including references to Axis powers.
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  12. Fair enough, my points are not for or against the powers of the majority or the minority. I quote fair judgement upon the subject that the people must vote instead of being left in the dark and developers having free roam of what is fair. What you have here is an Oligarchy not a Democracy.

    As for staff related things, I leave them with their good judgement what they need to improve on. No more no less. As for the Nazi germany thing I'll say something else.
  13. I wish we would stop with the whole Hey staff you guys do this wrong in a public place.
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  14. I think the 'dev team' and other staff do a great job at asking us for opinions when it matters / warrants. Other times, however, the chosen few do not ask and take action as needed - sometimes to the dislike of their 'people'.

    ^That^ is my example of staff taking action where needed. I certainly didn't like losing the amount of sheep I had (granted it was still 'free shear') at the time. This action wasn't told to me before - it just was.

    What did I do? After crying and moaning for a small amount of time - I redesigned the farms to work around EMC's 'forced limitations'. And, if I say so myself, the latest farm is my best yet.

    Edit: - I still think they could have picked a better title. It felt a little too directed at me. Time for some more cheese with my chianti.
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  15. The Entity limiter was a well needed fix back way back when. Lag was unbearable in town. But, I leave you with this. Was this a suggestion to fix a problem and voted for? That is the million dollar question. If so that is the system I want implemented and taken account for every MC Bug that Dev team looks at.

  16. That's really counterproductive to getting things done on time. There was a poll for the order of major features already, I really think it'd hurt the Empire more than help it if everything the devs did had to go through community approval first.

    Besides, that problem was fixed because it was causing the server serious lag. Bugs that need to be patched definitely shouldn't be going through community approval first. "Hmm, should we patch this duplication bug? I dunno, let's see what the players what first." Doesn't really work.
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  17. Sure you can say we had a poll for major updates but my op doesn't state that. I was referring to the "Fixes" of MC that affect gameplay. Sure Bugs of duplication need to be fixed I am referring to fixes towards farms. They need to be addressed with opinion of the community, not by judgement of a 4 person team. I agree that it isn't fair to get xp without being there and I voted on ShellUsers thread. As for like the Villager trades that should of been decided with the community.
  18. i dont wanna discuss but at least aikar can motivate and explain his ideas and opinions, and listens to ppl. its not "ill break ur stuff so deal with it!". i also think some ppl dont understand him. i heard ppl talk in chat "aikar broke xp farms!" now, so i go to pub zombie farm @ smp4 and stuff still worked :confused:.

    and some ppl who were against the change were just rude :( makes me stop reading

    some ppl forget all the hard work aikar & dev team do when theres 1 update they dont like then everything is suddenly bad and i dont like that attitude!
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  19. I do wish you understand I am being critic here. I understand they work hard on this server, I am trying to limit people being spiteful and vote in a poll instead of being left in the dark of updates against farming. That way a majority can be happy. Sure many have opinions about what happened today, I am stating what I have seen and what should be done.
  20. Again you misunderstood the village change. Mojang changed that not me.... 1.8 villager trade lockout mechanics applies to 1.7 created villagers in vanilla.

    Please don't spread false information getting people riled up
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