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  1. Which I am not. I didn't quote that I was for or against your decision simply stating that should've been a community vote. Now I am getting angry at what you are missing from my message.
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  2. I've read your post after the references to last century were already edited out - thank you for that edit.
    For examples of how people can be inconsiderate or violent or even mean and how they can maltreat other people, you don't need to look that far back at all. Just look what is happening IRL now. Today.

    I like your post because of the wholehearted part about the community.

    If the big majority here tolerates, accepts or even supports the art how policies are made and the art how policy makers communicate with the community, than this is how it will be.

    Long, long time ago, on EMC far away, I thought "how can you do this?", "why do you treat people like this?", "what kind of behavior is that?", "people are going to leave" ...
    And they responded "the others are far worse, find better if you can", "you have no rights", "so leave if you don't like it", "welcome to the world of online gaming" and similar.

    But if the majority just wants it that way?

    Politics is always the art of the possible, and democracy is rule of the majority.


    I think that too
  3. All I shall say is that I am in full support of FoxyRavenger here. 10000% agreement with all.
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  4. I propose this Aikar, let's run a little things differently. I say is this, we can consider many who are angry with your decisions. Let's change that with you having a rule. No development team shall fix minecraft bugs that deal with changes in game without being voted upon the public. The exception is bugs dealing with exploits, lag , and connectivity. Community Manager will dictate your desisons making sure you are giving people choices than saying your word is final.

    A good compromise to this issue?
  5. Um no.

    I'm sorry, but most of Aikar's minor bug changes take less than 2 hours of coding time. It takes 2 weeks of voting time for the community to be heard. The players on the forums do not represent all of the players in-game and some don't feel comfortable showing their opinion to others. We have 400k+ members in-game and 100k+ on forums. That's 1/4 of the community. Add to that alts swaying votes, etc and it's a recipe for issues. Just look at the poll for what order people wanted things coded in. It turned into a debate thread that really didn't get anywhere until 2 weeks in. You expect Aikar to hold off on something that he can code/fix in 2 hours because he didn't get the go ahead from the players? If we did that, EMC development wouldn't be able to get anything done...

    Some issues are coded based on plans for how things can work for the future. Case and point: Chickeneer recently added a few pmeta flags that make my life a WHOLE lot easier. The blockAccess pmeta for example allows me to block access chests, even if the signs exist from being used. Those that were present for the valentine's day boxes or have been to the time capsule, know how important this was. I didn't have to take down 100+ signs and replace them next year. The vday event ran smoothly, aside from a few misplaced signs. Everyone got to open their chests at the same time. When it saves me time, it allows me to work on something else for the community. it was a minor something, but not something the players needed to even know/think about, let alone vote for if it was worth adding the change.

    A vote on everything is NEVER going to happen, For those of you that know how I am about 'never say never', you understand why me saying this matters.
  6. EMC doesn't actually have 400,000 members. Sure we've had 400,000 join but most quit within a week. There is never more than 20,000 people active each month, and a good deal of those people are alts. The people who aren't on the forums are people who quit before they even knew about them.
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  7. We have had 400,000+ members sign into the game and 100,000+ members register on the website. My point stands that the forum members don't represent the whole of EMC. A good portion of players on the forums are also alts btw.
  8. No need to go over the top.

    I think the majority would be very happy with following:

    - Respect the community even more, respect that it changes and (slowly) matures - if you like to keep the members around for longer time
    - Respect also new members and their needs, but don't disturb the relation between effort and value for older members, don't make their achievements cheap
    - Inform the community about plans and problems (without delaying urgent actions)
    - Ask the community, collect ideas, use polls / voting
    - Evaluate suggestions and voting outcome
    - Explain decisions
    - Give sound reasons and explanations for any rules or change in the rules
    - Avoid / remove arbitrary or poorly explained rules

    - Make clear to members that a good server needs a lot of effort and that they should support - not for any in-game items, not for any kind of "pay to win", but for the sake of good server and good game
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  9. I think the majority can agree that we do all of those things with moderation when it matters.
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  10. Even so, we can see these in the polls of the U.S. Almost 50% of the U.S votes for a new president and a quarter of that for new house of representatives. As I said with bugs dealing with exploits, lag, and connectivity, should be worked on first. If we must need something done that isn't in that retrospect well let us vote! Many of the members here have great ideas and we see the community vote upon their suggestion. I want that system for most "fixes" that aikar might want.
  11. Keep in mind, without Aikar most of us wouldn't be here right now...
  12. I feel like anyone can come in here and say what's best for the community but at the end of the day a majority of people in this thread are on the side of Aikar and how things have been run. No system is perfect but the 5% that scream for change is not going to make things better. As stated EMC doesn't bring all the highly desired features that other servers bring yet in this MASSIVE competition of servers we've managed to make to 10 in days gone by on prestigious server lists.

    That's my comment based on the thread until this point.

    (Also lag and connectivity, is that not what Aikars recent hopper change was in favor of?)
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  13. I know this, I am proposing a idea to fix diaconnection between what is being added into emc without it being a surprise.
  14. We do votes when it matters and the community input is needed for the solution. As noted with the latest issue, not everyone believed it to be a bug. It was. We fixed it and now some players are upset. Every fix we make and every decision we evaluate has to be done with the big picture in mind. A player doesn't quite see that big picture when they vote for things.

    Every little change causes a time of turmoil. And that's fine. Everyone will go back to playing as they did before. Town grew? People complained, started a mini-forum riot, then realized it wasn't the end of the world and they went back to playing the game. Rules change? People get all upset, argue, then realize it wasn't the end of the world and went back to playing the game. The cycle repeats and will continue to repeat so long as everyone doesn't agree. It is not possible to get players to all agree to something that affects each and every player a little differently. What we can do however, is do our best to be fair with everyone and plan ahead for growth and new features. We do that pretty well according to the 2015 yearly review polls so we'll continue.
  15. That I will agree upon and we can wrap up here what I started last night. Thanks for all of you listening to my opnions and keeping this civil as possible. Krysyy let us close this thread on this note?
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