How Did You Find EMC?!

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  1. How did you find EMC?? Did a friend give you the IP, find it on a server list, Made a funny typo and that came up, etc...?? Here comment how you found EMC! :D

    Here is how I found EMC:

    My friend was over at my house and we were looking for games to play. We originally got minecraft on that computer 2 days ago. We started fighting over what to look up so we started typing at the same time and pushing eachother XD We made such a big typo it came in saying "Emt Mirncafu Swqot" I was trying to type Minecraft Server, idk what she was trying to type XD So the first thing on the google search list said Empire Minecraft. I obviously clicked it and we checked out the forums and the staff list. I said "This looks pretty cool, I'm going to add it to my server list, Ill check it out later". And that's how I found EMC!
  2. I found EMC online on some website I already forgot :)

    The rest is history
  3. A player PenguinTwist1 introduced me.
  4. I don't remember exactly. Nearly 4 years is a long time. One of my real life friends introduced me to the server a while back, if I remember correctly.
  5. My brother had some minecraft book and in the back it had a list of minecraft servers. I looked at it and EMC looked nice so I tried it out.
  6. I don't remember at all. Been here for almost 4 years (78 days away :)) Its been great though
  7. My irl friend, nmb2014, wanted me to help him dig out his res on minecraft. Having nothing better to do, and wanting to find a new server after I lost my other favorite server, I joined and dug dirt for atleast eight hours. After that, I went to smp9 and got a res. I built a shop and cafe, and didn't really think much of the server. However, I went to the waste to get some stone for my shop, and I found a GIANT zombie. I ran back to spawn and told everybody, and that's when I learned about emc special mobs and items, after that, and meeting a few more friends on the wonderful community, I decided this would be my new home server.
  8. Google :D
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  9. CaptainCraft300 introduced me :)
  10. After I got a Minecraft Gift Code after winning a giveaway a Youtuber held and went nuts jumping around from server to server, I decided to go onto and search for a server under no pvp. I stumbled upon EMC, I saw the /stable feature and it got me excited (if you want to know what got me interested in MC Horses, feel free to PM). I played on the server for several hours straight and stayed.
  11. Googled non pvp minecraft servers. Tried this one and I'm still here. ;)
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  12. For me it all started with my brother (Liasen, does not play anymore). He and his friend were searching for good minecraft servers and at that time I said to him "why do you play minecraft? It sucks" (Hadn't even tried it:D) so when he found EMC he started to play on it. After a few days I watched him play because it actually looked pretty fun. I, who didn't even have a minecraft account, started to watch my brother playing on EMC for hours. After some time I decided to buy my own account, after a few minutes of owning a minecraft account I joined EMC:)

    So I wanna thank my brother for introducing me into the world of EMC and minecraft:)
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  13. When I first started playing minecraft in general I played with a friend on a server he had. It only included the two of us and two of his other friends so we started searching for bigger servers to play on. He found emc and we both joined at the same time. He has long since quit emc, but I stayed because the people were friendly and eventually ended up bringing my son over to it.
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  14. I had been playing minecraft on PS3 with my daughter. I decided PC was a better platform for the game. (Split screen gives me a headache and the PS3 world is super small.)

    So I went to the server lists to find something non-toxic, not heavily modded and not run by children. Empire Minecraft was in the top-10 of all servers. The promise of Empires and the scale shown on LiveMap are what convinced me to come.

    The community and the quality of the staff are what keep me around :)
  15. Was looking for a towny RPG civilization server where I could hunt, gather, and go on adventures for an economic cause. Saw a server that looked interesting (this one) and now here is where I spend most of my gaming life. Fun opportunities and friendly people kept me around.
  16. I was tired of switching between servers and I wanted a server that I could call home. So I googled to find some towny servers. :)
  17. friends from school introduced me to it...
  18. Unlike most people for me it was in a book I had in my personal library, a physical real book.
  19. My dad showed it to me, not sure how he found it.
  20. If I remember correctly, Planet Minecraft. It's been about 5 years, so I think it was the original PMC post that GameKribJEREMY and JustinGuy put up.