How are y'all doing? Hola from Texas!

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  1. So this server looks pretty awesome! I especially like that it's community-oriented, since it seems like the bulk of the more populated servers are a PvP and everyone-for-themselves kind of deal :/AND it's really cool that y'all have this super active forum too, it seems pretty easy for newcomers to jump in on community action.

    Well onto the introduction part, my name is Alyssa and I live in Texas! I'm currently a student and I'll be off to college in a few months. My hobbies are gaming (I live for rpgs), hanging out with my amigos and amigas, surfing the internet (YouTube/reddit/tumblr), and flying! (currently working on getting my private pilot license).

    I think that's a pretty sufficient introduction! Feel free to ask questions. And a little disclaimer, I don't actually use "amigos" and "amigas" in everyday speech. Felt like I should mention that.

    Now some questions for y'all!:
    1. Where are you from?
    2. What are your hobbies?
    3. What's your favorite TV show(s) or novel(s)?
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  2. Welcome to EMC! I guess I can answer your questions.

    1. Where are you from?- Florida...
    2. What are your hobbies?- Gaming and uhm... gaming.
    3. What's your favorite TV show(s) or novel(s)?- TV shows= THESE and my favorite series are the Alex Cross and Michael Bennet books by James Patterson.
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  3. 1. Where are you from? California
    2. What are your hobbies? Hmmmm.... gaming, sometimes watching anime and rarely drawing/sketching
    3. What's your favorite TV show(s) or novel(s)?
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  4. Ooh, a Floridian! I've only gone to Florida once to see Disney world but from what I saw the state was beautiful and had weird but nice weather (rain seems to come and go pretty quickly).
    Do you prefer particular genres of video games?
    South Park and TWD are some of my favorite shows too!! I have yet to watch any episodes from the latest season of South Park yet but I'll get to it at some point :) In your opinion, which are the better episodes of season 18? And TWD, new episode tomorrow night!!! Should be a good one :p What are your thoughts on the Alexandrians?
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  5. Which part of California do you live in if you don't mind me asking? Norcal seems more my style, I kind of want to visit some day!
    What kind of games do you like to play? Drawing is cool! How long have you been drawing for?
    That's a nice list you got there! I like some of those animes myself. Mirai Nikki is one of my favorites actually, did you read the manga? I read the manga and the anime was refreshingly similar to the manga. Who was your favorite character? Gasai Yuno definitely has to be mine. And I see you plan to watch Tokyo Ghoul! It's seriously amazing. Really gory (so much so that some parts are censored), but after seeing the rest of your list I don't think it'll be a problem for you. ;)
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  6. I live in East LA,so SoCal. I never been to Norcal. Games... ummm here... I have only read the Mirai Nikki series and some of AoT. And that's about it...
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  7. 1. Where are you from? Born in Oregon, live in Virginia...
    2. What are your hobbies? Reading and Gaming
    3. What's your favorite TV show(s) or novel(s)? TV shows idk... too many... novels are Warriors, Ranger's Apprentice, Saxon Stories, and other ones.
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  8. Welcome to EMC!
    Where am I from? Illinois
    What are your hobbies? Gaming, art, listening to music
    What are your favorite tv show? Ummm Shark Tank.
    Novel: I have many: Warrior cats, WW2, and a a lot more I cannot remember :3
    I can't wait to see you around EMC! :)
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  9. I like shooter games :)

    Season 18 Southpark was a great season, lots of laughs. I think you would enjoy the uh "magic the gathering" (did I say that right? episode so funny.

    I dont know what to think about the alexandrians but I have a feeling Rick is gonna do what Carol instructed him to do.
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  10. Welcome fellow Texan to the Empire. :D :D

    I like playing Mc, final fantasy series, any turn based strategy games.

    Game of thrones/ A Song of Fire and Ice
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  11. I see you play Dragon Nest! I wanted to try that game for awhile but after having played Maplestory, Vindictus, and Mabinogi, I just couldn't deal with Nexon games anymore :/ their customer service and moderation was pretty much nonexistent in Vindictus. Hackers ran rampant up until I finally couldn't play anymore. Does the staff pay attention to Dragon Nest at all?
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  12. Any particular genres of video games that you like to play? Wow, I used to read Warriors :eek: I remember it enough to know that your username is a pretty blatant reference :p I read parts of the 1st series, the entire 2nd, and I think the first 3 of the 3rd. Man, I was obsessed with that series for the longest time, don't know why I stopped reading. I don't really remember the names of anything but it was pretty crazy when
    they had to leave their homeland, cross the mountains, and settle new lands in the 2nd series. I honestly thought the clans would just join the mountain cats... but they didn't... and more cats died.
    How did you get into the series? I came across one of the books in my school library a long time ago and couldn't put it down.
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  13. Could you put that in a spoiler. or delete it... kinda spoils things.
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  14. Thanks! :)

    What kind of games do you like? What kind of art do you make? And what are your favorite music genres?
    Shark Tank is pretty cool! I watched some episodes around when it first came out. Some of the things that are brought in... are pretty lackluster. Like I remember this one episode where this guy essentially brought in large rubber bands. They were supposed to be put around your ankles or something so when you sit down and shift your legs around the rubber bands would put up resistance and it would be 'a work-out sitting down'. Which inventions have stood out to you?
    Haha, another Warriors fan! I used to be really obsessed with that series. What's your favorite clan? I really liked Windclan but they had some pretty terrible cats :|
    like that one Crow... whatever his suffix was. Man, he was a real jerk. I thought Tallstar was awesome even though he didn't get much characterization - the times he was characterized he seemed wise and pretty chill. I was sad when he died :( but it was bound to happen I guess, he was quite old.
    Which cats stand out to you?
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  15. Whoops, sorry about that. Fixed!
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  16. Cool! I'll check that one out first when I get around to watching South Park again :D

    Definitely, I don't think he really has a choice though considering all that happened in the latest episode, something or someone is going to go down, and that preacher guy really exacerbated the already dire situation :/ Soooo excited for the episode tomorrow night, I think it's going to be one of the best episodes of the season!
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  17. Yeahhhhh!! Fellow Texan, high five!! :D
    Final Fantasy is a series I really want to get into, I've only played XIII (loved the graphics, character designs were cool, characters were... meh, but Fang was cool) but I've heard the earlier games were absolutely fantastic. I actually watched a Game Theory video on the series dealing with its religious connotations and etc. and it sounded fascinating! Which one was your favorite in the series? Also, if you like turn-based strategy games, have you played any in the Civilization series?
    I was waiting for someone to say GoT!! I'm caught up on the TV show and currently reading the books. It's so amazing! I don't think GRRM is going to be able to finish the series with only 3 more books like he said he'd like to though... Who's your favorite character? I adore Arya myself.
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  18. DN is their main focus, everything else they "maintain" it, DN gets streams that show future content as well has have staff playing the game. If you want to start playing, just add DjKrazy or MeraNeta ,so I help you level...

    Edit- Just noticed your username, lol
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  19. I've played most of them and spent many hours grinding and currently playing Ff type 0 on the ps4 and going download the demo for ff XV in few days.

    Civilization: I've played 360 version and enjoyed it and plane buying civ. 5 once get decent computer.

    Am midway through the 4th book enjoying the story. I like arya and Jon snow storyline.
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  20. Ah, another Texan, I'm in Dallas here, well... kinda. Addison, anyways...

    I'm an professional artist, per say, so I draw alot, when I'm not on minecraft.

    I would have to say, Malazan Book of the Fallen is my favorite book series.
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